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The CI catalog lists all models of configuration items (CIs) maintained by the IT service in terms of availability and in terms of offered service to the employees: equipment, application, service...



  • Types of elements which are followed up in the catalog: Payroll Application, SAP, Internet access Services
  • An entry in the catalog can be declined in a part of the configurations environnement:
    • SAP in the production environnement
    • SAP in the test environnement
    • SAP for the London subsidiary and in the production environnement


  • The references of the equipment CIs promoted in the CMDB are generally listed in the equipment catalog.
  • Certain model information is inherited by the associated CI.

Best Practice

  • You should associate an image to each entry of the catalog. In that way you can easily identify each CI associated on the CMDB graph.

Characteristics specific to versions 2016 and earlier

Menu access

References > Catalogs > CI Catalog

Description of tabs

          CI catalog.png


Create a new item Delete an item or association with a related item

Run the New wizard at the top of the tab

Fundamentals - Form - New wizard.png

Move the cursor over the corresponding item and click Trash icon.png

Fundamentals - Form - Delete wizard.png

Alphabetical order of the tabs




Type: Type (full path displayed) associated with the current object.

  • CI that do not result of equipment promoted as CIs are all positioned under the CI type.

Model: Name of the CI model.


UNSPSC Code: The code in the UNSPSC classification identifying the product, service or CI class associated with the model type.


Manufacturer: Brand of the current object.

Icon path: Image that represents the CI, allowing to identify it easily on the CMDB graph.

  • Click Change to select it in the images library.
  • All images formats that may be displayed on the WEB can be used.

Note: Comments on the form. You can also add images or tables in this field using HTML tags.

Default Attributes


List of attributes linked to the current object.

*Only attributes compatible with the type of the current object can be added. 

  • Update: In this tab or use an integration model based on the Attributes (Equipment, Contracts, Licenses) connector

Default Capacities


List of capacities linked to the current object.

  • Update: In this tab or use an integration model based on the Capacities (Equipment, Contracts, Licenses) connector


List of all CI associated with the model.



List of discussions associated with the current object.

  • Users can access discussions based on their domain and the visibility of the discussion. Users must also belong to a group authorized to take part in discussions, i.e. in the Group form, the Discussion Enabled box must be selected.
  • Enter the keywords you want in the Search field and press <Enter>.
    *To cancel the search criteria and return to the complete list of discussions, provided you have the relevant rights, click within the box and then click Discussion - Delete icon.png.



List of documents associated with the current object.

Procedure and Wizards

How to create an entry in the catalog

Step 1: Creating the catalog entry.

1. Select References > Catalogs > CI Catalog in the menu.

2. Click + New.

3. Specify the information.

4. Click Finish.
The form will be created.

Step 2 (optional): Specifying the default attributes.

Note: Only if it is a model whose attributes cannot be detected by the automatic discovery tool.

1. Select the Default Attributes tab.

2. Click + New.

3. Specify the information.

4. Click Finish.

5. Repeat these actions for all the attributes to be added.

Step 3: Associating the CIs with the new catalog entry.

1. Go to the CIs list.

2. Create the references associated with the new entry.


Merge Models

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