CI Calendar

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The CI calendar displays all facts related to configuration items (CI) that occur during a given period, e.g. incidents, service requests, change requests, events, unavailability periods, and releases. 


This Business Intelligence tool enables the IT Department to access a quick view of the availability of each CI for a given period, to anticipate problems and to analyze past issues.


  • You cannot make modifications to CIs in the calendar. 

Characteristics specific to versions 2016 and earlier

  • Menu access: Extended CMDB > CI Calendar

Menu access

Asset & Configuration > CI Calendar > CI Calendar

Screen description

CI Calendar.png

  • Move the cursor over each fact to view its details.
  • Each type of fact is identified by a different color code. Click ? found to the left of the period header row to display the legend.
Color Type of fact
Legend - Green color.png Release
Legend - Blue color.png Event
Legend - Orange color.png Incident
Legend - Red color.png Unavailability
Legend - Dark Green color.png Change request
Legend - Purple color.png Service request


How to display and read the calendar

Step 1: Display the planning.

1. Select Extended CMDB > CI Calendar in the menu.

2. Click the Calculate Availability list and select the period to analyze.
All facts related to CIs occurring during this period will appear.

Step 2: Consult the information.

Details on a fact

  • Move the cursor over the colored fact bar.
    A tooltip will appear.
             Item information.png

Details on a CI

  • Click Display popup icon.png next to the CI.
    The form will be open.
  • Click Black Left arrow icon.png to return to the calendar.

How to configure the information to be displayed in infotips

Step 1: Configure the information.

1. Click ? found to the left of the period header row.
         Information configuration icon.png
The legend will appear.

2. Click Edit icon.png next to the type of fact to configure.
         Color legend edit.png

3. Tick the information to display.

4. (optional) Click Up icon.png and Down icon.png to arrange them in the order you want.
         Color settings.png

5. Click OK.

Step 2: Check the configuration.

1. Move the cursor over a fact related to the type of fact previously set up.
The tooltip will appear.
         Fact tooltip.png

2. Modify the configuration if necessary.

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