Blackout Periods

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Blackout periods are periods during which configuration items (CI) must not be modified.


The objective is to schedule change requests related to configuration items outside of these periods in order to minimize risks to the production environment and to user activity.


No modification must be scheduled at the end of every month on the server hosting the payroll application:

  • Create a period called Month-end blackout 
  • Period: The last three days of every month

Menu access

  • Service Transition > Collision Detection > Blackout Periods

Screen description

          Blackout period.png

CI Name: Configuration item (CI) concerned by the blackout period.

Blackout Type: Type of blackout period.

example   Quarter-end closing, payroll at month-end

Start Date/End Date: Dates defining the start and end of the blackout period.

Description: Description of the blackout period.

Procedure and Wizards

How to create a blackout period

Step 1: Launch the wizard dedicated to the creation.

1. Go to the CI for which you want to define a blackout period:

2. Run the New Blackout Period wizard.

Step 2: Create the blackout period.

1. Specify the information on the blackout period.

2. Click Finish.

The new blackout period will appear in the Forward Schedule of Change.


New Blackout Period

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