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Apps - Widget - Vimeo icon.png This type of widget belongs to the Social category in the widget library. It enables you to integrate a video posted on Vimeo in the app without accessing the video hosting and sharing website, Vimeo.


     Open url.png  see General remarks on widgets

  • You integrate the video using a unique ID -  Open url.png  see Procedure
  • The default size of a Vimeo video is 400px (width) by 225px (height).


You want to integrate the Product name - ev sas.png Vimeo video in the app.
       EVApps - widget Vimeo - Example.png

List of properties


Vimeo Code: String of characters that identify each video in a unique way on the Vimeo website. It is available in the video -  Open url.png  see Procedure

Video Width: Width of the video in pixels (by default, 400px) or percentage (by default, 100%).

Video Height: Height of the video in pixels (by default, 225px) or percentage (by default, 100%).


    Open url.png  see Properties description


Procedure: How to retrieve the Vimeo code of a video

1. Go to the page displaying the Vimeo video you want.

2. In the URL bar of your Web browser, copy the code that is displayed after the following text:
         Example documentation icon EN.png
                           ==> Vimeo Code = 42721811

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