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Apps - Widget - Slideshare icon.png This type of widget belongs to the Social category in the widget library. It is used to integrate a PowerPoint presentation from SlideShare in the app without accessing the hosting platform, Slideshare. It also enables you to download the presentation as a PDF file.


    Open url.png  see General remarks on widgets

  • Each presentation is integrated using a unique ID, the SlideShare Code -  Open url.png  see Procedure


You want to integrate the presentation called Legal Aspects of Business which is hosted on in the app.
         EVApps - widget Slideshare - Example.png

List of properties


SlideShare Code: Code that identifies each presentation in a unique way on the SlideShare website. It is available in the presentation. See the procedure

Video Width: Display width of the presentation in pixels or as a percentage (by default, 100%).

Video Height: Display height of the presentation in pixels or as a percentage (by default, 100%).


    Open url.png  see Properties description


Procedure: How to retrieve the SlideShare code of a presentation

1. Go to the page displaying the SlideShare presentation you want.

2. Click EVApps - widget Slideshare - Share icon.png displayed at the top right of the presentation.

3. In the WordPress Shortcode field, copy the code displayed after the text [slideshare id=.
         Example documentation icon EN.png   [slideshare id=11589392&doc=legal-aspects-of-business-120215091532-phpapp01]
                    ==> SlideShare Code = 11589392

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