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Last modified on 2022/06/24 16:37

Apps - Widget - Self Help Procedure icon.png This widget belongs to the EasyVista category in the widget library. When implementing the Intelligent Knowledge Suggestions (IKS) functionality in an app, it enables users to enter their request in natural language before retrieving the key information from a Service Manager ticket in the Self Help knowledge base.


     Open url.png See Intelligent Knowledge Suggestions (IKS)


     Open url.png See General remarks on widgets

List of properties


Input Placeholder: The text displayed in the search field is automatically cleared once the user starts typing.


Datasource: Self Help data source associated with the widget.

  • The drop-down list displays only Self Help Data Procedure data sources.
  • To modify the data source or to view its contents, you should click Apps - Edit icon.png.
  • To define a new data source, click Apps - Add datasource icon.png Add Data Source in the Objects pane.


    Open url.png See the description of properties

Button Setup

Show Button: Used to indicate if the search is run automatically (box is not checked) or if users must first click the search button (box is checked). In manual search mode, users must click the button each time they modify the search text in order to see new results.

  • Note: The button display complies with accessibility requirements.

Options displayed in automatic search mode:

  • Time Before Search (s): Idle time (in seconds) with no detected keyboard activity after which the search is automatically run.
  • Characters Before Search: Number of characters entered after which the search is automatically run.
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