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Apps - Widget - Page icon.png This type of widget belongs to the Basic category in the widget library. It is used to display a navigation button that lets you access an app page directly.


   Open url.png  see General remarks on widgets

  • You can only browse through the pages of the app.

Best Practice big icon.pngBest Practice

  • You should use the Page widget to display an app page that cannot be accessed via the app menu bar.
  • To display a page from another app or a HTML page, you should use the Button widget (display via an action button) or the Html Script widget (display via a hyperlink).
  • By default, the navigation button will be displayed the name of the page. You can modify it or add an icon by using the text editor.


You want to create a navigation button to access the page that describes the new features of the app. This page is not visible in the menu bar.

       EVApps - widget Page - Example.png

List of properties


Label: Name of the navigation button. It can be made up of text and images. Enter the HTML code directly in the field or click Apps - Edit Html icon.png to open the text editor.

Page to Load: Name of the page you want to display. Note: The list contains all of the pages created in the app.


   Open url.png  see Properties description

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