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Apps - Widget - Button icon.png  This type of widget belongs to the Basic category in the widget library. It is used to add an action button, activated when clicked, to access a web page or another app, open the messaging system, display a secondary information window, zoom in on an image, open a link for downloading a file, etc.

The action is assigned to the button using a URL.


 Open url.png  see General remarks on widgets

  • The behavior of the different display options in the Target property depends on the Web browser used.

Best Practice

  • The name of the action button is in non-formatted text. To modify its font or add an image, you should use the Secured HTML widget.
  • To add buttons for navigating between the pages of an app, you can use the Page widget provided for this purpose.
  • Avoid adding an excessive number of buttons that open secondary windows. These should be reserved for providing additional information, increasing the size of an image or providing contextual help.


       EVApps - widget Button - Example.png button  ==>  Opens the messaging system with a preloaded email -   Open url.png  see Examples of messaging system settings

List of properties


Label: Name of the action button. Enter the code directly in the field or click Apps - Edit Html icon.png to open the text editor.

URL to Load: URL of the object to be opened using the action button. If you want to display information, its display area will depend on the Target attribute.


  • You want to display the EasyVista website:  URL = http://easyvista.com
  • You want to open the user's messaging system:  URL = mailto:support@easyvista.com?subject=Information request

Target: If the action button is used to view information, this attribute is used to define its display area:

  • New Window: In a new window (popup) or in a new browser tab.
  • Replace Window: In the current frame.
  • Parent Window: In the frame's parent window.
  • Top Window: In the current window.


   Open url.png  see Properties description


How to retrieve the launch URL of an app

1. In the App Gallery, click Apps - Application properties icon.png next to the app you want to run.

2. In the graphic editor, click EVApps - GUI - Share icon.png in the toolbar.

            EVApps - GUI - Share Apps.png

3. Copy the app launch URL.

4. Return on your app and paste the URL:

  • either in the URL property of a hyperlink inserted on a Label, Header/Footer or HTML Code properties of a widget (via Apps - Text Editor - Hyperlink icon.png in the text editor);
  • or in the URL to Load property of the Button widget ;
  • or in the Data > Select Link Type property of the Menu widget.


Examples to configure the opening of the messaging system

The messaging system is opened using the mailto link followed by certain settings. A new message window will automatically open. Certain fields will be preloaded, e.g. recipient email address, subject, etc.
Notes: To insert carriage returns: %0d%0a. To insert spaces: %20.

  • To preload the email addresses of several recipients: Note: Use the comma to separate email addresses.
  • To preload the recipient name:
  • To preload the recipient on copy (Cc) and on blind copy (Bcc):
  • To preload the subject of the message:
  • To preload the message content:
  • You can combine different settings:

Integration example

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