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Apps - Widget - Breadcrumbs icon.png This type of widget belongs to the EasyVista category in the widget library. It is used to facilitate navigation within the app thanks to a data source containing Product name - ev itsm.png aggregated data.

  • The different levels of analysis in the Product name - ev itsm.png view associated with the data source are displayed in a tree structure.
  • You can drill down to view the complete breakdown of aggregated data and return to the starting point of the view.


 Open url.png  See General remarks on widgets

  • Only an EasyVista data source can be used.
  • The Breadcrumb widget cannot be used alone. It must be used together with a widget that will present aggregated data from the same data source, e.g. Dashboard or Data Viewer widget. The tree structure of the levels of analysis is automatically synchronized each time you change the level of analysis in one of the widgets. Open url.png See the drill-down functionality.



Display of the breakdown of equipment by location using Dashboard and Data Viewer widgets: the tree structure of the Breadcrumb widget shows each change in the level of analysis.

Levels of analysis Representation
First level Apps - widget Breadcrumbs - first level.png
North America location Apps - widget Breadcrumbs - intermediate level.png
Floor 03 location: the last level Apps - widget Breadcrumbs - last level.png

List of properties



Data Source: External data source associated with the widget. 

  • The drop-down list displays all of the data sources available in the app. 
  • To modify the data source or to view its contents, you should click Apps - Edit icon.png. The Apps - datasources Properties - Preview button.png button below the Preview property shows the number of rows (max. 15) and columns extracted.
  • To define a new data source, click Apps - Add datasource icon.png Add Data Source in the Objects pane.

Separator: The separator used to separate the levels of analysis displayed.
    Example documentation icon EN.png  Separator  >> : Equipment >> North America >> USA


 Open url.png  See List of properties


Procedure: How to display the list of equipment by location

      Open url.png  See the example.

1. Create an EasyVista data source to extract aggregated data on equipment by location.

  • Run the parent query linked to the Product name - ev itsm.png menu option Transition > Assets > Equipment.
  • Aggregate data using the Equipment by location view.

2. Add a Breadcrumb widget pointing to the data source.

3. Add other widgets and configure their properties to point to the same data source:

  • A Data Viewer widget displaying the list of locations. This list is used to zoom in on each location. You can enable the drill-down functionality by checking the Enable Drilldown box.
  • A Data Viewer widget displaying the list of equipment by location. This list is used to zoom in on detailed data in the selected location. You can disable the drill-down functionality by unchecking the Enable Drilldown box.
  • A Bar Chart widget displaying the breakdown of equipment in a bar chart.
  • A Pie/Donut Chart widget displaying the breakdown of equipment in a pie chart.

4. Switch to execute mode EVApps - GUI - Execute icon.png to test that navigation within the different levels of analysis in the view works correctly.

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