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Last modified on 2022/05/28 10:52

Apps - Custom widget - Global search result icon.png This type of widget belongs to the Custom Widgets category in the widget library. It enables you to display the results for a Full-Text Search in the Product name - ev itsm.png Knowledge Base.

  • The search field (1) is initialized using a Global Search in KB custom widget or a Knowledge Base widget.
  • Results (2) are displayed in Line mode and sorted by relevance. To ensure optimal performance, only the first characters of each search result will be displayed.
          EVApps - Knowledge base search.png
  • When you click one of the search results, detailed information will appear in Form mode. This uses a dedicated EasyVista data source with a (1,1) master-detail relationship.
             EVApps - Knowledge base search - Detail


Open url.png  See General information on widgets

  • The Global Search Result custom widget is a specific type of Data Viewer widget configured to display search results in the EasyVista Knowledge Base.
  • You access the Knowledge Base using an EasyVista Knowledge Base data source. This must be the same data source as the one linked to the Global Search in KB custom widget or Knowledge Base widget used for the search field.
  • The configuration of the Line EVApps - Dataviewer - List Mode icon.png and Form display modes is predefined.
  • Rating stars Star on icon.png and Star off icon.png:
    • In Line mode, this is the average rating awarded to the article.
    • In Form mode, the rating can be modified.

List of properties

       Open url.png  See the properties of the Data Viewer widget.


How to implement searches in the Knowledge Base

       Open url.png  See the procedure for the Knowledge Base widget.

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