Customer Service Dashboard Template

Last modified on 2023/07/26 14:18

From : Service Apps versions 2022 and later


   To enjoy all of the functionalities of the portal, access to Self Help and Service Bots is required via connectors. To find out more, please contact your EasyVista contact.

This template belongs to the Dashboard category in the Service Apps templates. It offers multiple dashboards displaying performance indicators and objectives related to the quality of service, processes, customer satisfaction and digitalization.

It is shipped in a single version that is:

  • Responsive: Automatic scaling of the app based on the device used, e.g. workstation, smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • Multilingual: The six main languages managed by Service Manager are available in the standard version.


  • Most of the data comes from CSV data sources and is not linked to Service Manager. You can replace it using data sources loaded by third-party solutions.

List of functionalities

Functionalities Notes
Main page
  • Different trends: number of calls to the Support team, emails processed within 12 hours, customer effort score, number of contacts, etc.

Procedure: How to create an app using this template


Step 1: Creating the app in Service Apps

1. Click Apps - Gallery - Create Shortcut icon.png Create App in the App Gallery toolbar.
The template library will appear.

2. Select the template you want.

  • A new app will automatically be created using the template.
  • It will appear in the Design pane.

Step 2: Import trends to Service Manager

1. Download the file below to your workstation.

   Batch of trends

  • % Answers in 30s
  • % First call resolution

2. Import the downloaded files to Service Manager by selecting Administration > Import / Export > Import in the menu.

3. Enable the trends by selecting Administration > Trends > Trends in the menu.


Step 3: Finalizing the creation of the new app

1. Click Apps - Application properties icon.png to display the general properties of the app.

  • You can rename the app.
  • You can select the image associated with the app from the App Gallery in the Apps Icon tab.
  • You can select the icon to be displayed in the tab bar of the Web browser or as a shortcut on the Desktop in the Favicon tab.
  • You can modify the default theme.

2. Click Apps - Translation icon.png to make the required translations in the Objects pane. Open url.png See the multilingual management of the apps.

3. Distribute the new app to users.

  • Assign access rights to the relevant users or teams.
  • Create the shortcut pointing to your app.
  • Click EVApps - GUI - Share icon.png to send the shortcut to users.

List of files to download

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