Intelligent Knowledge Suggestions (IKS)

Last modified on 2022/06/24 16:37

From: Self Help version 2022 onwards with the Pattern Recognition functionality

Note: The use of the Intelligent Knowledge Suggestions (IKS) feature requires that the Service Manager tickets have been historically recorded in the Self Help Knowledge Base and categorized beforehand. To find out more, please contact your EasyVista contact.

Intelligent Knowledge Suggestions is an artificial intelligence technology that enables a system to learn and improve using the data made available to it.

Its implementation in a Service Apps app enables you to automate the submission of customer tickets by proposing content and Self Help procedures to help users analyze and solve their incidents by themselves. Users can, however, create a ticket if the solutions proposed do not solve their problem.

  • The implementation of the IKS functionality in an app requires several widgets and data sources. Open url.png  See the details
  • To simplify implementation, you can use the dedicated custom widget called IKS Integration. Open url.png See the procedure

Description of the IKS functionality

          Intelligent Knowledge Suggestions - GUI.png

  • (1): Field for entering the user request.
  • (2): List of results from the Knowledge Base. Click one of the results to open the relevant Self Help procedure.
          Intelligent Knowledge Suggestions - Open procedure.png
  • (3): Link used to create a ticket with the category (type) associated with the result.
          Intelligent Knowledge Suggestions - Create categorized ticket.png
  • (4): Link used to create a standard ticket without a category.
          Intelligent Knowledge Suggestions - Create standard ticket.png

Operating principle

  • An algorithm will perform the classification using the history of tickets stored in the Self Help Knowledge Base and group them based on the categories and key terms they contain.
    • Customer issues are identified using the words contained in ticket descriptions. General terms, such as hello, thank you, company name and address, that obscure the key terms, are excluded.
    • The algorithm uses the constantly updated ticket history. The more extensive this history, the more precise the analysis. Results proposed by the Knowledge Base will therefore be more relevant.
  • Service Apps is the communication interface between the Self Help Knowledge Base and the user interface using the machine learning API.
    • When users select a suggestion and then create a ticket because they were unable to solve their problem, the new ticket will automatically be preloaded with the category associated with the suggestion. The description entered by users will automatically be loaded to the ticket creation form.
    • If there are no results and users subsequently create a new ticket, the standard ticket creation form will appear without any preloaded category. Users must then select the category.
    • The new ticket will be logged in the history of tickets and will be included in the algorithm's continuous learning process.

          Intelligent Knowledge Suggestions - Schema - EN.png

List of widgets and data sources used by the IKS functionality

  • Self Help Procedure widget: This enables users to enter their request in natural language before retrieving the key information from the ticket.
  • Data Viewer widget: Used to display the relevant search results returned by the Self Help Knowledge Base.

        Intelligent Knowledge Suggestions - Datasource and widget links.png


  • The SA_LANGUAGES table is used to store the language to be sent to Self Help.
  • A Knowledge Base search can be run automatically, or manually using the search button. In manual search mode, users must click the button each time they modify the search text in order to see new results. Open url.png  See Self Help Procedure widget

Procedure: How to use the IKS Integration custom widget

Step 1: Add the custom widget

1. Go to the app you want.

3. Open the widget library using Apps - Add widget icon.png.

2. Add the IKS Integration custom widget found in the Custom Widgets category.

All of the widgets and data sources required for implementing the Intelligent Knowledge Suggestions functionality will be added.

Step 2: Specify the information on data sources

1. Select the Self Help Data Procedure data source called Procedure IKS.

  • Select the Self Help connector used by the data source to access Self Help.
  • Select the EasyVista IT Service Manager connector to access Service Manager.
  • Enter the message to be displayed when no results are returned by the Knowledge Base.

2. Select the EasyVista data source called My_Profil_Information.

  • Select the EasyVista IT Service Manager connector used by the data source to access Service Manager.

Step 3: Specify the information on widgets

1. Select the Self Help Procedure widget called Self Help Procedure.

  • Select the relevant search mode in the Button Setup section. If you want to display a search button, check the Show Button box.

Step 4: Check that the functionality works correctly

1. Click EVApps - GUI - Execute icon.png to switch to preview mode.

2. Enter a keyword in the search field.

3. Check the results returned by the Knowledge Base.

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