Self Help Data Procedure Data Source

Last modified on 2022/06/24 16:37

Apps - Datasource - Self Help Data Procedure icon.png This data source belongs to the Applications category in the data source library. When implementing the Intelligent Knowledge Suggestions (IKS) functionality in an app, it is used to link the Self Help connector, Self Help Procedure widget and Data Viewer widget.


   Open url.png See General remarks on data sources

  • The Self Help Data Procedure data source uses a SelfHelp connector. Open url.png See the description
  • The Self Help Data Procedure data source can send contextual information to Self Help.
    • You specify the information to be sent in the dedicated property called Contextual Information.
    • If the data source is used by a Data Viewer widget, the data sent will correspond to the record selected by users.

example  Open a Self Help procedure directly using the ticket number and display its description in the procedure. You can also close it in Self Help

List of properties


Self Help Alias/Connector: Self Help connector used by the data source to access Self Help.

EasyVista Alias/Connector: EasyVista IT Service Manager connector used by the data source to access Service Manager.


Select First Row As Current Record: Used to indicate if the first record of the data source, when displayed in widgets, is selected by default (box is checked) or not (box is not checked).

No Data Message: Message displayed when no results are returned by the Self Help Knowledge Base.

Contextual Information: This enables the app to send contextual information to Self Help.

  • Data sent by Service Apps can be static data, i.e. values entered by users, or dynamic data, i.e. values loaded from Service Manager via a data source.
  • Data is retrieved by Self Help via the input parameters of procedures.
  • Different data can be sent at the same time by Service Apps.
  • Click Add Item to add the data you want to send to Self Help.
    • Select a data source in the app to pass dynamic values. Select the column in the Datasource Columns field. In the Context Key field, specify the key value for defining the link with Self Help.
    • Select the Static mode option for passing a static value. Specify the value to be sent to Self Help in the Context Value field. Note: This is a multilingual field.
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