EasyVista Virtual Agent Data Source

Last modified on 2022/05/28 10:52

Apps - Datasource - EasyVista Virtual Agent icon.png This data source belongs to the Applications category in the data source library. It uses a connector to identify the Self Help data server where a virtual agent was created.

          Open url.png See Self Help operating principle.

The virtual agent can then be implemented in an app using a Virtual Agent widget. Open url.png See the procedure.


   Open url.png See General remarks on data sources.

  • The EasyVista Virtual Agent data source uses a Service Bots connector. Open url.png See the description.
  • The virtual agent called by the data source is identified in the connector.
  • In the connector, you define if access to the virtual agent is public, with no authentication required, or private, i.e. users must authenticate.

List of properties


Alias/Connector: Service Bots connector used by the data source to access Self Help.

Locale: Language in which the virtual agent's Self Help projects will appear when the virtual agent is called.

  • By default, the virtual agent is called in the language of the logged-in user.
  • You must define this parameter in the following format, Language_Region.
             example  en_us: English US; fr_fr: French
  • All languages supported in Self Help can be used.

Best Practice icon.png If the translation of Self Help projects is not available in the Self Help languages, you can force the display of the virtual agent in a given language by selecting a value.

Search Value: Text automatically searched for in the virtual agent's Self Help projects when it is opened, just like text entered by users.

example  An app is integrated in Service Manager. When the virtual agent is opened, the text in the Search Value property will automatically be searched for in all ticket descriptions.

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