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Apps - Datasource - EasyVista icon.png This type of data source belongs to the Applications category in the data source library. It enables you to define access to the Full-Text Search in the Service Manager Knowledge Base.


   Open url.png  See General information on data sources.

  • You cannot create an EasyVista Knowledge Base data source manually.

List of properties



Alias/Connector: easyvista IT Service Manager connector used by the data source to access Service Manager.

Default Searchtext (Studio mode): Expression or set of words used to run a default search in the Knowledge Base to initialize the contents of the widget used for displaying search results.

  • In execute mode, the results of this search are not displayed.

Best Practice icon.png  Use this functionality to preview data in different display modes, e.g. form, line, tile or grid.

Topic GUID: Used to restrict the search query to a specific topic and sub-topics in the Knowledge Base, identified by the GUID.


Select First Row As Current Record: Used to indicate if the first record of the data source, when displayed in widgets, is selected by default (box is checked) or not (box is not checked).


No Data Message: This message is displayed when the data source does not contain any data.

  • Enter the code directly in the field or click Apps - Edit Html icon.png to open the text editor

Default KB Parameter

Keywords Separated By Semicolon :


Search Date Pattern

Search Operator


How to search for a topic GUID in the Knowledge Base

Step 1: In Service Manager, display the GUID on the catalog List view.

1. Select Administration > References > Catalogs in the Service Manager menu.

2. Select the catalog you want, i.e. Incidents or Service Requests.

3. Display the List view.

4. Add the GUID column.

  • Click Edit View Edit icon.png at the bottom of the View drop-down list.
  • In the Available Fields section, click and drag the GUID field to the Preview > List Mode section.
  • Click Save icon.png to save the view.
             Service Manager Catalog - GUID on List view.png

Step 2: In Service Apps, enter the GUID

1. Copy the GUID column content of the topic you want from the Service Manager catalog List view.

2. Paste the GUID in the Topic GUID property of the data source.

How to implement searches in the Knowledge Base

        Open url.png  See the procedure for the Knowledge Base widget.

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