The Admin Panel of Service Apps - Tenant Management

Last modified on 2022/05/28 10:52

A tenant is a secure cage in Service Apps

  • It contains Service Apps apps.
  • It is associated with a unique Service Manager user account defined as the Service Apps platform administrator.


  • Only the Service Apps platform administrator whose profile is App Center Manager can manage the tenant in the Admin Panel.
  • Tenant management can also be performed in Service Manager by selecting Administration > Service Apps > Parameter Settings in the menu. This screen provides additional functionalities, such as encryption keys required by contextual apps called in Service Manager as well as the creation or deletion of teams in one go based on the management rules defined.


Apps - Gallery - Admin panel icon.png Admin Panel in the App Gallery toolbar > Apps - Admin panel - Teams management icon.png Tenant Management in the Admin Panel toolbar

Screens description

Platform tab

Used to manage the Service Apps tenant and configure team management rules.

         Apps - Tenant Management - Platform tab.png

Name: Name of tenant.

FQDN: Fully Qualified Domain Name of the tenant, corresponding to the folder name of the tenant on the drive, in the following format: com.folder_name.

Hostname: Hostname of the tenant, corresponding to the last subdomain.

Log Level: Configuration level of Service Apps platform logs.

  • Platform: The log parameters are those in the log.ini file.
  • Custom: The log parameters are managed via the tenant.
  • The log configuration level will determine whether actions, information, errors and warnings are saved.

Select how teams are created when a user logs in:  Settings for creating teams based on Service Manager data.

  • Create or Update User's Groups:
    • New Service Manager groups for the user will be added as Service Apps teams.
    • The names of existing teams will be updated in the company language.
  • Create User's Profile:
    • New user profiles will be created as Service Apps teams. 
    • The names of existing profiles will be updated in the company language.
  • Create User's Language:
    • New user languages will be created as Service Apps teams. 
    • The names of existing languages will be updated (language name = LANGUAGE_SYSTEM_ALIAS column). 
  • Delete Teams that are no longer linked to an EVSM Group or Profile:
    • Teams associated with groups or profiles that no longer exist in Service Manager will be deleted.

Tenant Aliases tab

         Apps - Tenant Management - Aliases tab.png

Alias Name: Name of the alias.

Hostname: Hostname of the alias.

Created on: Creation date of the alias.

Add Alias: Used to create an alias for the tenant.

Apps - Delete icon.png: Used to delete the selected alias.

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