The Admin Panel of Service Apps - Monitoring

Last modified on 2022/05/28 10:52

The Service Apps monitoring screen is used by the administrator to view the frequency of use of the apps, the last user activity date and the widgets used in the App Gallery, etc. 


  • The monitoring screen in the Admin Panel is accessible only to platform administrator whose profile is App Center Manager.
  • Click a column header to sort data in the table.


Apps - Gallery - Admin panel icon.png Admin Panel in the App Gallery toolbar > Apps - Admin panel - Monitoring icon.png Monitoring in the Admin Panel toolbar

Screen description

          Apps - Monitoring.png

The screen is divided into four zones:

  • (1) List of all apps in the platform.
    • By default, apps will appear from most commonly run to least commonly run.
  • (2) List of users with access to the platform.
    • By default, user activity on the platform will appear from most recent to least recent.
  • (3) List of widget types used by all apps in the platform.
    • By default, widgets will appear from most frequently used to least frequently used.
    • There are two views available:
Grid Matrix
Information is displayed in a table

Apps - Monitoring - Number used widgets - Grid view.png

Information is displayed graphically

Apps - Monitoring - Number used widgets - Matrix view.png

  • (4) Statistical indicators:
    • Number of apps available in the App Gallery
    • Number of custom widgets
    • Number of shortcuts
    • Number of themes
    • Number of users
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