The Admin Panel of Service Apps

Last modified on 2024/02/13 11:49

The Admin Panel of Service Apps is accessible from the App Gallery. It provides access to different functionalities for administrator to manage the Service Apps platform, such as tenant management, user management, app access management.

     Open url.png See the list of functionalities.


  • The Admin Panel is accessible only to platform administrator whose profile is App Center Manager.


App Gallery > Apps - Gallery - Admin panel icon.png Admin Panel in the toolbar.


The Admin Panel has it own toolbar.
       Apps - Admin panel - Toolbar.png

  • The name of the icon may be displayed, depending on the device's screen size. When you move the cursor over certain icons, an infotip is displayed.
  • Apps - Authentication zone.png: User information zone.
    • Apps - Logout icon.png: Used to close the platform.
    • Click the photo or name: Used to open the user information zone. Open url.png See the description.

The admin screens

Functionality Description See
Apps - Admin panel - Tenant management icon.png   Tenant Management Used to manage the tenant of the Service Apps platform. Documentation
Apps - Admin panel - Monitoring icon.png   Monitoring Used to view the most commonly run apps in the App Gallery, the last user activity date and the widgets used in the App Gallery, etc. Documentation
Apps - Admin panel - Users management icon.png   Users Management Used to assign a user profile to users and to assign their rights to apps. Documentation
Apps - Admin panel - Teams management icon.png   Teams Management Used to manage the teams and to assign their rights to apps. Documentation
Apps - Admin panel - Font management icon.png   Fonts Management Used to consult all the fonts on the Service Apps platform and import new ones. Documentation
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