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The role of a server is to:

  • host:
    • The application part of Product name - ev Self Help.png;
    • data relating to the knowledge database and procedures (no item is stored in the client workstations);
    • connectors used for external communication.
  • execute all the procedures and functions.


  • Each client can use several servers.
  • Any modification to projects and procedures is saved in real time on the server.
  • Product name - ev Self Help.png works with Jboss application servers and uses PostgreSQL databases. These components are supplied and maintained by Logo - EasyVista.png.

Screen description

Authenticate dialog box


Choose your server access from the list: List of all existing server accesses. Note: You create a new access by clicking Manage in the drop-down list.

Manage: List of server access management actions -  Open url.png see Procedure

Identifier: User identifier preceded by the domain name if the user has access to several domains.
         Example documentation icon FR.png  Sandbox/{your_login}

Password: Server access password (Caution: It is case-sensitive).

Store the password: To specify whether the password is provided automatically (checkbox selected) or must be entered again (checkbox not selected).

Server access properties

         Properties server.png


How to manage server access

Étape 1 : Display the authentication box

1. Run the Product name - ev Self Help.png executable.

Step 2: Select the server

1. Select the server you want to work in.

2. Go to the next step is you want to create a new server access.

Step 3: Select the action to be performed

1. Click the Manage drop-down list, and select the desired action.
         Authentication - Manage servers.png

2. You have selected one of the actions among Add, Duplicate, Configure:

  • Enter the server access identification information (name and address). Current values are retrieved for an existing server.
  • Click Finish:
    • The authentication box is displayed again.
    • The list of servers is updated.

3. You have selected the Delete action:

  • Click OK for the warning message.
  • The list of servers is updated.
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