Self Help Online Studio - The User Interface

The Online Studio contains a set of functionalities designed for:

  • Administrators (both server and domain): Administrators can monitor their Self Help projects, import metadata and lists of users, and manage virtual agents and dictionaries, etc.

Structure of the graphic interface

The Online Studio is made up of the following zones:

      Online studio.png


      Online studio toolbar.png

Online studio toolbar - Notification icon.png: List of notifications for immediate and scheduled extraction tasks, metadata import tasks and user import tasks. Click a notification to display the task details.
         Online studio toolbar - Notification list.png

Online studio toolbar - User information.png: Information on the logged-in user.

Online studio toolbar - Logout icon.png: Used to log out.

Online studio toolbar - Language icon.png: Interface language. Click the icon to display the list of languages available.

Online studio toolbar - Help icon.png: Access help resources.

Menu pane

Note: The user profile will determine the menu items displayed.

Open menu icon.png: Used to expand or minimize the menu pane.

Menu Description See
Home Used to display the Online Studio Home page: List of the latest procedures and resources modified by the logged-in user, as well as different indicators for monitoring activity in the user's Self Help projects.


  • The menu item is always found at the top of the menu pane.
  • The user profile will determine the page contents displayed.
Analytics Groups Self Help project analysis and monitoring functionalities for a given period.
Projects Used to import metadata, or attributes, to a Self Help project. The metadata was previously exported in a CSV file to view and modify it easily in Excel. Description
Users Used to perform the mass import of lists of users to Self Help.

Note: You manage user access rights in admin mode in the Desktop Studio.

Service Bots Used to manage the virtual agents deployed in Service Apps apps and portals, and the dictionaries used.
Administration Used to manage user authentication in third-party apps using API keys and client certificates, as well as scheduled tasks and beta-codes.

Home page

Note: The user profile will determine the contents displayed.

The Home page displays the list of the latest procedures and resources modified by the logged-in user, as well as different indicators for monitoring activity in the user's Self Help projects.

      Open url.png See the description.

Procedure: How to access the Online Studio

Via a URL


1. Enter the URL of the Self Help server in the URL bar of your Web browser as shown below.


example  Open online studio - URL.png

2. Specify your login and password in the login page.

The Online Studio will appear in your Web browser. Open url.png See the description.
         Open online studio - Display Home page.png


Via the Desktop Studio


1. Select Mode > Online Studio in the menu in the Desktop Studio.

      Open online studio from desktop studio.png

  • The Online Studio will automatically open in a new tab of your Web browser.
  • The Home page will appear.
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