Self Help - Administration Overview


Product name - ev Self Help.png is protected by overall access management across the application and within each project SelfHelp - Project.

Access to the application

  • An account on the Product name - ev Self Help.png server is required. This account must be connected to at least one domain, either directly or by belonging to a user group.
  • Product name - ev Self Help.png is then accessed via an Authentication dialog box.

Access rights

  • Only an administrator can access all the functions of the Administration workspace.
  • The access rights  are defined for each project (administration/modification/duplication/execution) and are specific to each writer.

The concepts

  • Servers
    • Virtual machine on which the SSO is defined.
    • Hosts:
      • The application part of Product name - ev Self Help.png.
      • data relating to the knowledge database and procedures (no item is stored in the client workstations);
      • connectors used for external communication.
    • Executes all the procedures and functions.
    • Each client can use several servers.
  • Domains
    • Linked to a server.
    • Closed environment in terms of management. Account in SM. License at the most detailed level.
    • Higher level of the Product name - ev Self Help.png, application managed by a user having an Administrator profile, and grouping together:
      • licenses;
      • groups, users and their profiles;
      • themes;
      • projects.
  • Groups
    • Set of users.
  • Users
    • A user belongs to a user group.
    • A user may view the SelfHelp - Procedure procedures written by experts in the domains that his or her group can access.
  • Connectors
    • Components written in the Java language
    • To exit the Product name - ev Self Help.png, environment by sending data to external systems or by reading data from external systems.

Example documentation icon EN.png

  • Send e-mail from a messaging system
  • Execute a Web service (SOAP, REST)
  • Run an SQL query
  • Access an Excel file (read-only, write)
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