ev|Self Help - Autumn 2020 - Change Log

Important note

All the files provided in a fix are cumulative. This change log is provided only to give you information on changes and help you find out if a fix solves your issue. It is mandatory to apply all the changes when applying a fix.

Fix Autumn 2020 - Build 2020.2.108.5

Bugs fix

Studio Dekstop

  • [R2011_046 ] Issue with quote in tooltip 
  • [R2008_001] Unexpected end on executed procedure from another one
  • [R2010_046 ] Complex procedures are causing studio to shut down
  • [R2010_030] No Form Visibility Conditions button
  • [R2012_021] Post text data Error 400 on multiline area
  • [R2012_035] loss of visibility conditions
  • [R2009_032] Slowdown during procedure search


  • [R2004_049 ] Language management concerns with the Widget date
  • [R2102_010] Download of the EVSH theme

Studio Online

  • [R2005_016] Analytics / domain admin / user list 
  • [R2102_009] code injection


  • [R2007_024] Server crash when deleting project/users
  • [R2011_005] Missing file
  • [R2011_045] WFLYEJB0457 Server Critical Error: Unexpected Error

Autumn 2020 - Build 2020.2.108.0

Bugs fix


  • [R2005_029] Problem with add of automatic icon          
  • [R2009_054] Expressions in content appear only with quote
  • [R2009_054] Project’s variables do not display correct in content editor 


  • [R2010_039] SSO group not accessible by client
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