Service Bots - Overview of Virtual Agents

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Service Bots is a Self Help module used to deploy virtual agents.

  • A virtual agent is a functionality that enables user interaction via a system of questions and answers in a conversation panel. The side pane is used to display all complex procedures, step-by-step procedures and answers containing several images.
           Open url.png See Using a virtual agent.
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Roles of the virtual agent

The virtual agent:

Note: Procedures can be created with a linear structure or with a tree structure. Open url.png See the description.

  • Helps users rephrase their request when it is not understood or when no answer can be provided.

Note: A standard escalation procedure will open a ticket if the virtual agent is unable to find an appropriate answer to the request entered by the user. Open url.png See the Misunderstanding procedure included in the Social Base package.

  • Suggests various content related to the initial request of users, enabling them to acquire new knowledge.

Note: You define related content in procedures. Open url.png See the description

Virtual agent: General operating principles

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  • It uses an NLP (natural language processing) engine, a decision-making engine and a dictionary to:
    • Analyze questions
    • Select the most relevant content related to the request
    • Manage known errors
    • Correct spelling errors

Deploying a virtual agent

Deployment is performed in several steps: project design, creation or import of Self Help projects used by the virtual agent, writing, testing and publication of procedures, deployment of the virtual agent, enhancement of the Knowledge Base via user feedback.
  Open url.png See Deploying a virtual agent.

Different types of turnkey Self Help projects containing templates of procedures can be used to facilitate the implementation of the virtual agent. Once the template is installed, customers can adapt the procedures in compliance with the identity of their virtual agent and their style guide.

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Content of the virtual agent

  • The installation of the Social Base package is vital for the virtual agent to work. It contains answers to general questions or socially related questions asked by users.
  • The virtual agent can communicate with third-party products (Service Manager, ServiceNow, etc.) and display data through the installation of connection packages.
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