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Last modified on 2023/12/05 16:12

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Standard projects are Self Help projects that do not contain any content. They are shipped with the Self Help setup. A standard project enables you to create a Self Help project with a tree structure designed for optimal display on the customer portal using the evSH skin.

It contains the following:

  • Standard tree structure of folders and subfolders.
  • List of predefined macros and variables shipped with all new Self Help projects.
  • Resources.
             Standard project content.png

Procedure: How to import the standard project

1. Download the file below to your workstation.

            Standard project template

The AV StandardProject__PROJECT_.aar archive will be downloaded.

2.  Go to the Desktop Studio in edit mode  and import the file to your domain.

  • A Self Help Standard Project project is created.
  • The project will contain a set of folders organized according to the structure in standard Self Help Knowledge Base projects.

3. Configure the new project based on your requirements.

List of files to download

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