Self Help Templates

Last modified on 2023/08/03 20:20

Self Help provides simple ready-to-use templates that you can customize easily in order to deploy Self Help projects quickly.

  • Templates intended for the installation of a virtual agent contain sets of procedures that can be adapted to the identity of your virtual agent and to your style guide.

   The installation of the Social Base package is essential for the correct operation of any virtual agent.

  • Connection packages contain sets of procedures that enable Self Help projects to exchange data with third-party products such as Service Manager, SharePoint, etc.

Service Bots packages

Social Base
All answers to common personnel-related questions and specific user behaviors (welcome, misunderstanding, help request, etc.).
User Virtual Agent
Enables a user to interact with a virtual agent to access the data stored in Service Manager: monitor and create tickets, etc.
Operator Virtual Agent
Enables a Support operator to interact with a virtual agent to access back office information: ticket status, to-do list, directory access, etc.

Connection packages

Service Manager
Via the Service Manager REST API, used to create and edit tickets in Service Manager, create employees, assets, etc.
Via the SharePoint REST API, used to search information on the Microsoft SharePoint platform from a Self Help project.
Via the SMSMode REST API, used to send SMS from a Self Help project.

Knowledge base packages

Self Help for Remote Worker
Used to quickly install a customer portal and a virtual agent based on a knowledge base dedicated to the main teleconference apps for remote workers.
Standard Project
Pthat do not contain any content. Its tree structure is designed for optimal display of a customer portal or a knowledge base.
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