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This connector is used to upload a file from a form field. It is usually an intermediate connector used together with other connectors, e.g. the uploaded file will subsequently be processed by another connector.

  • A unique ID is assigned to each uploaded file.
  • The ID is stored in the library variable associated with the form field.
  • The uploaded files can then be manipulated by the connector using their ID.

          Form util connector.png


     Open url.png See General remarks on standard connectors

General connector configuration


Description of connector methods

The input parameters of the methods are the IDs of the uploaded files.

          Form util connector - Input parameters.png

Load form file and get its name

Loads a file in the context of the connector and returns its name.

Load form file

Loads one or more files in the context of the connector. These files can then be manipulated by other connectors.

Get file names

Returns the name of one or more files.

Get form file URL

Returns the URL for accessing a file so users can download it.

Convert form file to base64

Returns file contents encoded in base64.

Use case

The procedure is used to add a file attachment to a ticket in Service Manager using the Convert form file to base64 method and the Load form file and get its name method.

     Open url.png See the detailed procedure

          Form util connector - Use case - Procedure.png

List of files to download

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