Self Help Online Studio - Users Menu

This menu enables you to perform the mass import of users to Self Help.

You can then manage access rights in the Desktop Studio in admin mode.


  • Server administrators can access the Users menu in an on-premises setup. (Note: For SaaS-based customers, the administration of Self Help servers is performed by the EasyVista) CMC team.
  • It can also be accessed by domain administrators for both on-premises and SaaS-based customers.
  • User files must in CSV format.

Download icon.png  Download the Sample file
Users menu - Users list example.png


Users list sub-menu

This displays the list of users found in all import files.
        Users menu - Users list.png

  • You can sort the list by clicking one of the column headers.
  • You can apply a filter to users by clicking the Filter link at the top of the list.
  • Click the name of a user to see the details.
    • The Created by SSO field indicates if the user was created via an API key or a corporate directory (Yes) or via Self Help (No).
    • All user groups to which the user belongs will appear.
    • The list of all domains the user is authorized to access will appear with the corresponding access rights. Click a name to see the associated Self Help projects and the corresponding access rights.
              Users menu - Users list - Details.png

Functionalities available in the toolbar

  • Export a list of users.
  • Delete one or more users.


How to import a user file

How to manage user groups



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