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Last modified on 2023/07/27 11:39

Note: Only for server administrators and domain administrators.

The Licenses menu displays the list of licenses used in Self Help. Each license indicates the conditions according to which Self Help can be used.

  • You must have an active license in order to use Self Help.
  • Licenses are installed using an encrypted text file.
  • Specific conditions can be defined for certain periods.

Menu access

Online Studio > Settings > Licenses

Screen description


Type: Type of license. The licenses managed in Self Help are as follows:

  • SaaS: SaaS license (Self Help is hosted on EasyVista servers).
  • OP: On-premises license (Self Help is hosted on customer premises).
  • OPS: On-premises subscription license (subscription-based licensing).
  • Internal: EasyVista internal license intended for use by developers and test servers. Note: This license is not available for customers.

Server/Domain: Server and domain associated with the license.

  • Associating a license with a domain is optional.

Version: License version number.

Start / End: License activation period.

Grace Period: Number of days following license expiration during which users can continue to use the application.

Grace questions: Number of executions tolerated following license expiration.

  • This may be a fixed number or a percentage of the number of executions initially provided.

Period / Usage: Period for which specific conditions on the use of the license are defined.

  • Start / End: Period during which the conditions are applicable.
  • Named Users: Number of sessions allocated specifically to writers for the period.
  • Concurrent Users: Number of sessions allocated to simultaneous users for the period.
  • Questions: Number of executions allocated for the period.

Procedure: How to add a license

Step 1: Add the license

1. Select Settings > Licenses in the Online Studio menu.

2. Click + Add.

Step 2: Import the license file

1. Copy and paste all of the contents from the license file or download the TXT file.

          License file.png

2. Click Next.

Information on the license will appear.

3. Click Save.

The new license will appear in the list of licenses managed on the server.

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