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Last modified on 2022/08/08 16:20

EasyVista offers the beta testing of one or more functionalities to certain customers in order to receive feedback on these tests prior to an official release. This phase enables us, for example, to correct or adapt the functionality prior to release.

  • The new functionality can be accessed only by the enabling of a beta-code that EasyVista provides certain customers selected as beta testers.
  • Once the functionality is deployed in production, the beta-code will no longer be valid.


  • Only server administrators can access the Beta Codes menu in an on-premises setup (Note: For SaaS-based customers, the administration of Self Help servers is performed by the EasyVista CMC team).

Menu access

Online Studio > Platform > Beta Codes

Screen description


Code: ID of the beta-code.

  • The ID is a name followed by a value.

Description: Description indicating the functionality enabled by the beta-code.

Activation Date: Date on which the beta-code was enabled.

  • The functionality enabled by the beta-code will be available in the Online Studio from this date onwards.

Procedure: How to enable a functionality using a beta-code

Step 1: Add the new beta-code

1. Select Platform > Beta Codes in the Online Studio menu.

2. Click Add.

3. Specify the beta-code provided by EasyVista.

4. Click Add.

Step 2: Test the enabled functionality in the Online Studio

1. Select the menu where the new functionality should be available.

2. Check that the functionality is correctly enabled.

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