Self Help Desktop Studio - The Editor Portal

Last modified on 2022/08/08 16:21

The Editor Portal groups a set of functionalities intended for use by the writers of Self Help projects.

It can be accessed in the Self Help Home page.

          Editor portal.png

Title bar, menu bar and toolbar


         Title and menus and tools bars.png

(1) Title bar: Information on the current Self Help session, i.e. server name, domain, logged-in user.

(2) Menu bar. Open url.png See the description in the Desktop Studio in edit mode.

  • Grayed-out options can only be accessed via the Desktop Studio.
  • You can select File > Import... in the menu only in edit mode. This is used to import an archive to the last project opened in the Desktop Studio.
  • If you select options from the View and Mode menus, they will automatically be taken into account in the Desktop Studio.

(3) Toolbar

Home page icon.png  Used to return to the Self Help Home page.


Quick Start

Access: Start

Used to open a PDF file that briefly explains:

  • How to log in to Self Help via the login window.
  • How to view procedures in the Desktop Studio.
  • How to enable users to view procedures.
  • How to access the documentation portal.


Access: Create

Used to provide step-by-step procedures that describe how the Desktop Studio works.

     Open url.png See the description.

          Home page Documentation Self Help.png

Online Studio

Access: Admin

Used to provide access to the Online Studio.

Note: The menus available will depend on each user's access rights.

     Open url.png See the description.

          Online studio home page.png

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