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The Self Help Home page enables to access the Editor Portal and the Desktop Studio and to consult step-by-step procedures on how the Desktop Studio works.

         Application home page.png


  • Self Help app runs from the EVSelfHelpStudio.exe executable.
    • The executable must be installed on the workstation of each administrator or writer with appropriate access rights.
    • It is available in the Self Help installation folder.
  • User authentication is required for accessing the Home page. Users must enter their login and password.

Title bar, menu bar and toolbar


         Title and menus and tools bars.png

(1) Title bar: Information on the current Self Help session, i.e. server name, domain, logged-in user.

(2) Menu bar. Open url.png See the description in the Desktop Studio in edit mode.

  • Grayed-out options can only be accessed via the Desktop Studio.
  • You can select File > Import... in the menu only in edit mode. This is used to import an archive to the last project opened in the Desktop Studio.
  • If you select options from the View and Mode menus, they will automatically be taken into account in the Desktop Studio.

(3) Toolbar


Accessing the Desktop Studio

The Desktop Studio provides access to Self Help projects, the related components and domain management options.

    Open url.png See the access authentication.

Accessing the Editor Portal

The Editor Portal groups a set of functionalities intended for use by the writers of Self Help projects:

  • Quick Start guide (PDF format)
  • Step-by-step procedures on how the Desktop Studio works
  • Access to the Online Studio. Note: The menus available will depend on each user's access rights.

    Open url.png See the description.


The documentation provides step-by-step procedures that describe how the Desktop Studio works.


  • From some pages in the wiki, you can also access step-by-step procedures available on Self Help portal via the See detailed step by step on Self Help portal section in procedures.

example  Detailled step by step in wiki.png


  • The Home page of the portal displays documentation by topic.
            Home page Documentation Self Help.png
  • Click one of the topics to see the list of help procedures.
            Procedure - List.png
  • Each help procedure provides step-by-step instructions.
            Procedure - Detail.png
  • A toolbar is available in each procedure. Open url.png See the detailled description.
    It is used to:
    • Procedure page - Toolbar - Overview icon.png Display a flow chart of the whole procedure.
    • Procedure page - Toolbar - Report icon.png Generate the execution report of the current procedure.
    • Procedure page - Toolbar - Comment icon.png Send a message with a file attachment to writers of the procedure. This feedback can include errors in the content, comments, suggestions, etc.
    • Procedure page - Toolbar - Share icon.png Generate the URL of the current page to share it with other users.

Description of the toolbar

         Procedure - Toolbar.png



Procedure page - Toolbar - Overview icon.png Used to display the flow chart of the entire procedure.
      Procedure page - Toolbar - Overview detail.png

Procedure page - Toolbar - Overview step icon.png: Used to identify a step in the procedure.

  • Steps with a dark green background correspond to the current node in the thumbnail found in the left corner.
  • Click Procedure page - Toolbar - Overview collapse icon.png in the top right corner to show or hide the next steps of the procedure.

Procedure page - Toolbar - Overview end icon.png: Used to identify an exit step in the procedure.

Icons displayed on hover

Procedure page - Toolbar - Overview Mouse hover step - Current nod icon.png: Used to display the topic associated with the selected step. In an exit step, this returns a list of procedures from the same category.

Procedure page - Toolbar - Overview Mouse hover step - Add comment icon.png: Used to send feedback with a file attachment to writers of the procedure in order to report errors, comment on content relevance, or make suggestions.

Thumbnail in the left corner

  • Zoom tab: Used to display different zoom functionalities.
  • Preferences tab: Used to display the overview vertically or horizontally and select the number of steps displayed in the flow chart.



Procedure page - Toolbar - Report icon.png Used to generate the execution report of the current procedure.
      Procedure page - Toolbar - Report detail.png



Procedure page - Toolbar - Comment icon.png Used to send a message with a file attachment to writers of the procedure in order to report errors, comment on content relevance, or make suggestions.
      Procedure page - Toolbar - Comment detail.png



Procedure page - Toolbar - Share icon.png Used to generate the URL of the current procedure, copy and paste it to the clipboard or send it by email.
      Procedure page - Toolbar - Share detail.png

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