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Access the EasyVista contextual help

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Available from Product name - ev itsm.png version 2016.1 onwards

In the Form or List display mode, click Tools icon.png and select ev itsm - Help icon.png Help

ev itsm - Open wiki help.png

In the Properties Inspector of the widget or data source, click ev sas - Help icon.png

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Wiki search engine

Quick search

     wiki - search function.png

1. In the wiki menu bar, enter the keyword you want in the search field (1). The search results will automatically be displayed (2)

  • Click a link to open the corresponding wiki page.
  • Searches for the keywords entered are run on Document Names and Document Content

2. You can: 

  • Change the search language by selecting another from the language drop-down list.
  • Run an advanced search using criteria in wiki - Help icon.png.

Advanced search

     wiki - search function with criteria.png

1. In the wiki menu bar, click wiki - Help icon.png to access the advanced search.

2. Enter the keyword you want in the search field (1) and click [ SEARCH ]. The search results will be displayed (2)

3. Click a link to open the corresponding wiki page.

4. You can filter the search results using the list of criteria available (3). This will automatically refresh the search results.

Best Practice icon.png To run an advanced search on all wiki pages, enter the asterisk ( * ) in the search field (1) and select the criteria you want.

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