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Last modified on 2023/07/06 12:51

Access to contextual help for EasyVista products

Contextual help in Service Manager

Access: Click Tools icon.png in the top banner of each list and form and select Help

List mode Form mode
Service Manager - Open wiki help in a list.png Service Manager - Open wiki help in a form.png

Contextual help in Service Apps

Access: Click ev sas - Help icon.png in the Properties Inspector of each widget and data source

Widget Data source
Service Apps - Open wiki help in a widget.png Service Apps - Open wiki help in a datasource.png

Vicky, the wiki virtual agent

Access: Click the call button at the bottom of each wiki page

Call button Conversation panel
Vicky call button.png Vicky side pane.png

The wiki search engine

Acces: Click the search field in the top banner of each wiki page

Quick search Advanced search
Searches for the keywords entered are run on Document Names and Document Content.

Wiki search motor.png

Click Display popup icon.png or click the Go to search page option at the top of the list of results. Note: The option will appear once you have entered the first characters of your keyword.

Wiki search motor - Advanced.png

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