REST API - Attach a document to a ticket

POST  /requests/{rfc_number}/documents

  • The files format can be .pdf, .docx, .jpg, .svg, .pptx, .txt, .png, etc.
  • You can attach one or more files simultaneously.


    Open url.png  see Product name - ev itsm.png REST API Conventions 

  • If successful, an HTTP status code 201 is returned and a URL link (HREF) to the created resource is provided.
  • You must pass the contents of the files in a form-data object (Key = documents) in the body of the HTTP request. In order to do that, you must use an app functionality or a third-party tool/development which allows you:
    • To upload and attach the required files in your app.
    • To encode the files in Base64.

List of parameters / objects

Mandatory parameters

You must use the parameter below in the URL.

Parameter Type Description / Example
rfc_number string Ticket identifier

Optional parameters

You can use the JSON objects below in the body of the HTTP request.

Parameter Type Description / Example
description string
documents file Content of the attached documents encoded in Base64. Note: This parameter contains 2 variables: filedata and filename. Open url.png See the Example.

Description of the actions carried out

1. The documents are downloaded.

  • Document title = File name

2. They are attached to the specified ticket. They are accessible via the Documents tab of the ticket form.

HTTP status codes for the method

Code Error Description
201 Created Request processed successfully and an item created.
401 Unauthorized Authentication process for accessing the resource is incorrect: Login/Password incorrect, Invalid session, Incorrect $ProductName_ev_itsm account.


 "error": "Invalid Login / Password"
403 Forbidden Server refused to execute the request. Unlike error 401, authentication is accepted but access rights do not authorize the client to access the resource: The user does not have the REST API parameter enabled in their profile.


Example of the body of an HTTP request

 "documents": [{
   "filedata": "SmUgc3VpcyB1biBkb2N1bWVudA==",
   "filename": "document.docx"

Result with a status code 201 returned

 "HREF": "https://{your_server}/api/v1/{your_account}/requests/I161026_000005"


REST API Conventions

Convention Meaning
Orange Parameters used in an HTTP request string which do not correspond to $ProductName_ev_itsm database fields.

$Example_documentation_icon   Method View a list of assets


Black and Bold Parameters used in the URL of an HTTP request which correspond to $ProductName_ev_itsm database fields.

$Example_documentation_icon   Method View an asset


Green Parameters used in the body of an HTTP request which represent JSON object names corresponding to $ProductName_ev_itsm database fields; they allow the value of a database field to be assigned or modified.

$Example_documentation_icon   Method Close an incident/request

{  "closed": {  "end_date": "11/20/2019 12:12:12",  }  }
Parameters used in the body of an HTTP request which represent JSON object names not corresponding to $ProductName_ev_itsm database fields.

$Example_documentation_icon   Method Reopen an incident/request

{  "restarted": {  "comment": "string (required)"  }  }

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