REST API - Create an employee

POST  /employees

  • This method allows a new employee to be created.
  • The method supports the creation of a single employee per call.


    Open url.png  See Service Manager REST API Conventions.

  • You must supply a table in JSON format in the body of the HTTP request.
  • If successful, an HTTP status code 201 is returned and a URL link (HREF) to the created resource is provided.

JSON Format / Field Format:

  • The field names are those of the Service model.

    example  available_field_1

  • To update a field, respect the following JSON format: "field_name":"value".

  • JSON object names, including those representing Service Manager database fields, are not case sensitive.

    example  field_name, Field_Name and FIELD_NAME are equivalent

List of parameters / fields

Mandatory parameters


Optional parameters


Optional fields

  • You can use all the fields from the AM_EMPLOYEE table except those mentioned below in the body of the HTTP request.
    • passwd 
    • salt 
    • chat_passwd 
    • parameters ; parameters_2 ; local_parameters 
    • clickview_access ; named_access 
    • default_domain_id 
    • dft_application_perimeter_id
    • id_1 ; id_2 
    • jid
    • Minimum version: Autumn 2020 - Build 2021.1.113.0  profil_id  (Note: Provided that the logged-in user profile is the master profile of the profile to assign. It is an addition of a level of security.)
    • location_code ; location_path
    • department_code ; department_path
    • e_mail
  • Minimum version: Oxygen 2.1.2 - Build 2018.1.183.0  In addition to the fields provided by EasyVista, you can also assign values to the fields which you have added to the Service Manager database. These are fields with the prefix e_.
             example  e_field_name_xyz

HTTP status codes for the method

Code Error Description
201 Created Request processed successfully and an item created.
400 Bad Request Request formulated incorrectly and cannot be executed correctly.


 "error": "Nothing to update (check fieldnames)"
401 Unauthorized Authentication process for accessing the resource is incorrect: Login/Password incorrect, Invalid session, Incorrect Service Manager account.


 "error": "Invalid Login / Password"
500 Internal Server Error Generic error message displayed when an unexpected condition is encountered and there is no appropriate message which is more specific.<


 "error": "An error occured. A text message is returned in the body."


Example of the body of an HTTP request

"employees": [
    "identification": "123456",
    "last_name": "Zalma, Bart",
    "login": "zbart",
    "phone_number": "+34123456123",
    "e_mail": "",
    "begin_of_contract": "12/01/2018"

Result with a status code 201 returned

 "HREF": "https://{your_server}/api/v1/{your_account}/employees/9477"


REST API Conventions

Convention Meaning
Orange Parameters used in an HTTP request string which do not correspond to Service Manager database fields.

example   Method View a list of assets


Black and Bold Parameters used in the URL of an HTTP request which correspond to Service Manager database fields.

example   Method View an asset


Green Parameters used in the body of an HTTP request which represent JSON object names corresponding to Service Manager database fields; they allow the value of a database field to be assigned or modified.

example   Method Close an incident/request

{  "closed": {  "end_date": "11/20/2019 12:12:12",  }  }
Parameters used in the body of an HTTP request which represent JSON object names not corresponding to Service Manager database fields.

example   Method Reopen an incident/request

{  "restarted": {  "comment": "string (required)"  }  }

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