Service Operation Overview

Incident and Service Request Management

The IT service:

  • treats all types of incidents described in the incidents catalog;

    Example documentation icon EN.png  Equipment incidents (PC, server, telephone)/incidents for applications in error/security incidents

  • puts at the disposal of users all the goods and services described in the service request catalog.

    Example documentation icon EN.png  Requests for the provision of hardware/Requests for moving computer equipment/Requests for training services

Only one incident/service request attached to one of the entries (or subjects) in these catalogs is supported.

  • The entry is made by the Back Office via a ticket.
  • The processing of the object is controlled by the workflow of the entry into the catalog.

Available Features

 Open url.png  See the life cycles: Incident / Service Request

Management of Problems and Known Errors

A known error can be linked to a problem but these are two different concepts:

  • Problem: Malfunctioning whose cause is unknown and for which there is no immediate or obvious solution.
  • Known error: Workaround to (temporarily or permanently) resolve malfunctions. It can be created via an incident or a problem, or independently.

Tools to help provide a solution

 Open url.png  see Life Cycle

Life Cycles

Characteristics specific to versions 2016 and earlier

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