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Note: This graphical user interface is specific to Product name - ev itsm.png version 2016 and earlier.


EasyVista Mobile is an interface specially adapted to the use of Product name - ev itsm.png on smaller displays and more particularly on a smartphone: this interface is applied to certain forms and grids related to equipment, incidents/requests, actions.



  • Access to EasyVista Mobile: http://<easyvistapath>/mobileHD_index.php.
    • <easyvistapath> = Your EasyVista folder on the Apache server
    • Note: The address is case sensitive.
  • The list or forms and grids that may be adapted to EasyVista Mobile are defined by Logo - EasyVista.png. You cannot add new ones.
  • The parameter settings for forms and grids for EasyVista Mobile is done via Product name - ev itsm.png (Administration menu) and are reported in real time to EasyVista Mobile. The principle of functions is identical to the forms and grids in the standard Product name - ev itsm.png version but the access is using different menu options.
  • Modifications made on the EasyVista Mobile version will not be reported in standard Product name - ev itsm.png version.
  • On the EasyVista Mobile forms, fields are always displayed under the form of columns, even if the parameters define several columns.
  • There is no EasyVista Mobile version for wizards and filters: all changes made on the standard Product name - ev itsm.png version will be taken into account on the version of EasyVista Mobile.
  • The graphical aspect of the pages varies depending on the installed mobile Internet browser installed on the smartphone.
  • License management for EasyVista Mobile:
    • EasyVista Mobile does not need a supplementary license.
    • The application uses the same key than the standard version of Product name - ev itsm.png.
    • An access to EasyVista Mobile is accounted as one user, identical to the standard version of EasyVistaProduct name - ev itsm.png

Examples: Main menu, Grid and Form in EasyVista Mobile

         EVMobile - Home page.png     EVMobile - List.png     EVMobile - Form.png

Characteristics of the pages in EasyVista Mobile

  • EasyVista Mobile is a secured interface. Connection should be carried out by entering a login and password.
  • The main menu presents the available actions based on the connected user's profile and allows to change the domain.
  • The grids present information under the form of 3 columns maximum and may be displayed in landscape mode.
    • You can change the sort order, search certain elements and apply a filter.
    • You can display a form by clicking on the first column of each line.
  • The forms present information under the form of one single column.
  • Wizards are presented via a drop-down list on the top of each grid and form.
  • EVMobile - Home icon.png icon on the upper bar of each grid and form allows to return to the main menu.
  • Click on the Logout button to disconnect from the application.

Screen description

   Open url.png  see Forms

Procedure: How to set parameters for a form/grid in EasyVista Mobile

1. Proceed to the page Administration > Parameters > EasyVista Mobile (Form) or EasyVista Mobile (Grid).

2. Select the form or the grid to be changed by clicking on Edit icon.png.

3. Changed the desired options -  Open url.png  see How to change a form presentation Procedure

4. Click on [ SAVE ].

5. Verify the correct formatting on a smartphone.

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