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You can integrate third-party systems with Product name - ev sas.png in many ways. The method you select will depend on business requirements, architectural and security constraints as well as the characteristics specific to each third-party application or service. You can use the REST, CSV, Online CSV data sources and the HTML Script widget.

This document describes a standard integration process that has already been implemented in a customer context.

To find out more about this integration, please contact the Logo - EasyVista.png Consulting & Professional Services team, the Logo - EasyVista.png Support team, or your service provider and integrator.

Integration Summary

You can use numerous free or fee-paying Chat widgets or Live Chat software to communicate in real-time with prospects, customers or visitors to your websites and apps, and engage them through their online experience.

Most of the above can be easily integrated in your Product name - ev sas.png apps based on the same principle, i.e. by embedding JavaScript code in a HTML Script widget.

    Open url.png For this type of integration, also see: and Zendesk Chat

Integration Data Feed (direction) Authentication Type Integration Connector Options

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Logo - Live Chat Tools - Little.png Chat widgets/Live Chat tools


HTML Script widget   Apps - Widget - Html icon.png

SaaS Version of Third-Party Product

On-Premise Version of Third-Party Product

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Step-by-Step Integration Process

In most cases, you can embed your Live Chat tool in Product name - ev sas.png in three easy steps:

Step 1: Check the list of requirements.

  • You must have a user account for your Live Chat tool as well as the relevant login and password. If this is not the case, use the form to create an account. Validate and activate your new account by clicking the email link that will be sent to your email address.

    Note: If you do not receive the activation link, check the Spam folder of your email system.

Step 2: Copy the JavaScript code of the Chat widget.

1. Log in to your Live Chat account.

2. Copy the entire JavaScript code provided in the interface. This is generally found in the Administration module.

Step 3: Embed the JavaScript code in an Product name - ev sas.png app to display the Chat widget.


1. Go to Product name - ev sas.png and open the app you want.

2. Use a HTML Script widget to display the Chat widget:

  • Click Apps - Add widget icon.png in the Objects pane. Open the Basic category and click and drag the HTML Script widget to the Design pane.

    Best Practice icon.png You can place the HTML Script widget anywhere on the page because the Chat widget will appear by default at the bottom right of the user's screen. Nevertheless, to find it quickly without searching for the widget by name, you can insert it at the bottom of the page.

  • Rename the widget so you can identify it easily.
  • Paste the JavaScript code obtained in step 2 in Theme > Footer > Footer and check the Display box.

    Best practiceBest Practice icon.png  Paste the code of the Chat widget in the Header or Footer section instead of the HTML Code field. This enables the Chat widget to be displayed without being restricted by the height of the HTML Script widget and to appear on all app pages.

3. Click EVApps - GUI - Execute icon.png to switch to preview mode and check the visual layout and workability of the Chat widget.



Use case

You can use a Chat widget to create closer ties with visitors to your website, with users of your apps and services, and with corporate co-workers, customers and partners. widget

The Chat widget is integrated in the Service Store Template app from version 2.4 onwards. To use it with this template, you should simply use your own account and replace the JavaScript code with the one corresponding to the property created for your corporate Service Store app.

    Open url.png See integration.

Zendesk Chat widget

The Zendesk Chat widget enables users of your Product name - ev sas.png apps to communicate with a group of users.
         Example documentation icon FR.png  Communication with the Service Desk, HR team or Sales team

Operating principle

    Open url.png See Zendesk Chat integration.

  • Integration of the Chat widget in the Service Store Template app
             Use case - Service store template Chat.png
  • Members of the group can answer Product name - ev sas.png app users directly in the Zendesk Chat dashboard.
             Use case - Zendesk Chat Dashboard.png
  • The discussion thread in the Chat widget will automatically be updated in the Product name - ev sas.png app.
             Use case - Service store template Chat - update.png
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