SOAP Web Service - Update a Ticket


Note: Service Manager SOAP web services are no longer maintened since the Oxygen version. You can still use them but we recommend that you use the Service Manager REST API to take advantage of the latest enhancements and features.

Open url.png See Update a ticket method of the Service Manager REST API.



List of parameters

Mandatory parameters

You must enter the parameters below.

Object Type Description / Example
account string Service Manager account used.
example 50004: Production base ; 50005: Sandbox base
login, pass string Login / password used to connect to Service Manager.
rfc_number, request_id, external_reference string Number and/or identifier of the ticket in Service Manager / Identifier of the ticket assigned by an external application.
  • You must enter one of the parameters to search for the ticket.
  • Parameters are processed in this priority order by the search algorithm.

Optional parameters

Object Type Description / Example
fields_to_update string List of fields and values to update. Open url.png See:
example {comment=updated by mail} {ci=SRV_15-F} {asset=ZS_003}

List of fields of the SD_REQUEST table that cannot be changed

rfc_number - request_id - location_id - request_project_id - recipient_id - urgency_id - severity_id - status_id - department_id - parent_request_id - last_group_id - last_done_by_id - submitted_by - kbase_id - sla_id - sd_catalog_id - initial_sd_catalog_id - order_id - news_id - project_id

List of fields referenced in other tables and related to a specific alias, that can be changed

Alias Field updated in SD_REQUEST table Search table Field used in the search table to search the values passed as parameter
ci_id ci_id AM_ASSET asset_tag
asset asset_id AM_ASSET asset_tag
asset_tag asset_id AM_ASSET asset_tag
net_price_cur_id net_price_cur_id AM_CURRENCY currency
rental_net_price_cur_id rental_net_price_cur_id AM_CURRENCY currency
analytical_charge_id analytical_charge_id EP_ANALYTICAL_CHARGE analytical_charge_code
system_id system_id AM_REFERENCE reference_lng
release_id release_id CMDB_RELEASE release_code
continuity_plan_id continuity_plan_id CMDB_CONTINUITY_PLAN code
ci ci_id AM_ASSET network_identifier
ci_serial ci_id AM_ASSET serial_number
asset_serial asset_id AM_ASSET serial_number
owner_id owner_id AM_EMPLOYEE last_name
owning_group_id owning_group_id AM_GROUP group_lng
known_problems_id known_problems_id SD_KNOWN_PROBLEMS known_problems_id
root_cause_id root_cause_id AM_REFERENCE reference_lng
request_origin_id request_origin_id SD_REQUEST_ORIGIN name_lng

Description of the actions carried out

1. The ticket is updated in the SD_REQUEST table.

2. The updated fields are those entered using the parameter Fields_to_update.

Return codes for the web service

Code Error Corrective action
1 Request processed successfully
-1 Database not found Check that the account parameter matches a Service Manager account.
-2 Unable to connect to Service Manager Check and correct the login and pass parameters.
-3 Invalid entry parameter Check and correct the entry parameters. Check you have entered all the mandatory parameters.
-4 Failure of the SQL query used to update the database Check and correct the fields_to_update parameters.
-22 Maximum number of connections have been reached Check that your profile defined on the Service Manager account authorizes the execution of the action requested to the web service.
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