SOAP Web Service - Count the Number of Documents Attached to a Ticket

Last modified on 2022/11/08 13:22


   Service Manager SOAP web services are no longer maintened since the Oxygen version. You can still use them but we recommend that you use the Service Manager REST API to take advantage of the latest enhancements and features.

Open url.png See View all the URLs of documents attached to a ticket method of the Service Manager REST API.


  • The process is carried out in two steps:
    • Execution of the EZV_GetDocumentCount web service: Searching for the number of attached documents.
    • Execution of the EZV_GetDocumentURL: Reading the URL address of each document starting from its index number.

Best Practice

  • Create an iterative function to read the URL address of all the attached documents.

List of parameters

You must enter the parameters below.

Object Type Description / Example
account string Service Manager account used.
example 50004: Production base ; 50005: Sandbox base
login, pass string Login / password used to connect to Service Manager.
rfc_number, request_id, external_reference string Number and/or identifier of the ticket in Service Manager / Identifier of the ticket assigned by an external application.
  • You must enter one of the parameters to search for the ticket.
  • Parameters are processed in this priority order by the search algorithm.

Description of the actions carried out

1. The number of documents attached to the ticket is returned by the web service.

Return codes for the web service

Code Error Corrective action
0 No document attached to the ticket.
-1 Database not found Check that the account parameter matches a Service Manager account.
-2 Unable to connect to Service Manager Check and correct the login and pass parameters.
-22 Maximum number of connections have been reached Check that your profile defined on the Service Manager account authorizes the execution of the action requested to the web service.
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