SOAP Web Service - Create an Item of Equipment

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Note: Service Manager SOAP web services are no longer maintened since the Oxygen version. You can still use them but we recommend that you use the Service Manager REST API to take advantage of the latest enhancements and features.

Open url.png See Create an asset method of the Service Manager REST API.


  • This web service allows a new item of equipment to be created using the Service Manager wizard.


Best Practice

  • You can also use the EZV_CreateEquipmentXML web service. It allows you to update any field using an XML structure.

List of parameters

Mandatory parameters

You must enter the parameters below.

Object Type Description / Example
account string Service Manager account used.
example 50004: Production base ; 50005: Sandbox base
login, pass string Login / password used to connect to Service Manager.
catalog_id string ID of the model to which the equipment is attached.

When equipment owns the same model reference, and if the model reference corresponds to different models, precede it by the brand name of the equipment and eventually by the category to which the equipment is attached, to be able to identify the equipment without ambiguity.

  • You must mandatorily enter the model.
  • If you complete the category and / or the brand:
    • You must mandatorily enter the values in the following order: Category / brand / model;
    • Separate each value by the / character;
    • You may only complete the brand in the without the category;
    • If you complete the category, you must mandatorily complete the brand;
    • If you complete the category, only specify the last tree structure level.

example  Two equipment are attached to the same model reference F200, but they are of different brands:

  • Model F200 identifying a printer with the brand EPSON: Enter EPSON / F200
  • Model F200 identifying a firewall with the brand CISCO: Enter CISCO / F200

example  Two equipment of the same brand SAMSUNG are attached to the same model reference C100, but they are attached to different categories:

  • Model C100 identifying a printer SAMSUNG: Enter Printers / SAMSUNG / C100
  • Model C100 identifying a mobile SAMSUNG: Enter Mobiles / SAMSUNG / C100

Optional parameters

Object Type Description / Example
acquisition_type_id string Acquisition identifier of the equipment.
example Purchase, leasing, rental
asset_tag string Asset tag of the equipment.
comment_asset string Comments relatives about the equipment. May include images or tables by inserting HTML tags.
delivery_date string Delivery date of the equipment.
department_code string Identifiant de l'entité à laquelle est rattaché le
department_code string Department identifier to which the equipment is attached.
employee_id string Employee identifier in charge of the equipment.
end_of_waranty string End of warranty date for the equipment.
estimated_percentage_use string Estimated usage percentage of the equipment.
installation_date string Installment date of the equipment among the active assets.
power_consumption_wh string Consumption in watts / hour of the equipment.
recycling_provider_id string Identifier of the provider for the recycling of equipment.
  • It corresponds to a supplier.
serial_number string Serial number of the equipment.
status_id string Status identifier of the equipment.
waranty_type_id string Warranty type identifier for equipment.

Description of the actions carried out

1. An item of equipment is created in the AM_ASSET table.

2. The updated fields are the same to those updated by the Service Manager creation wizard.

Return codes for the web service

Code Error Corrective action
1 Request processed successfully
-1 Database not found Check that the account parameter matches a Service Manager account.
-2 Unable to connect to Service Manager Check and correct the login and pass parameters.
-9 Missing model ID to which the equipment is attached Enter the catalog_id parameter.
-10 Incorrect model ID to which the equipment is attached The model does not correspond to any entries of the equipment catalog. Check and correct the catalog_id parameter.
-13 One of the parameters relative to a date is incorrect Check and correct the date parameters.
-14 One of the fields relative to a float number is incorrect Check and correct the float parameters.
-15 One of the fields relative to an integer number is incorrect Check and correct the integer parameters.
-22 Maximum number of connections have been reached Check that your profile defined on the Service Manager account authorizes the execution of the action requested to the web service.
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