REST API - View a location

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GET  /locations/{location_id}

  • This method allows information for a specified location to be obtained.
          example   /locations/7


       Open url.png  See Service Manager REST API Conventions

  • If successful, an HTTP status code 200 is returned.
    • A URL link (HREF) to the resource is provided.
    • All fields are provided, including e_field_name and available_field_x, except for certain sensitive fields reserved for EasyVista.

List of parameters / fields

Mandatory parameters

You must use the parameter below in the URL.

Parameter Type Description / Example
location_id integer location identifier

Optional parameters

You can use the parameters detailed below in the HTTP request string.

Minimum version Parameter Type Description / Example
fields string Select fields to display.
  • example /locations/7?fields=location_en,g_map_lat,g_map_lng
Oxygen 1.7 - Build 2018.1.131.0 formatDate string Format display of Date fields in the HTTP request result.   Open url.png See Description of the options.
  • example
    • /locations/7?fields=last_update&formatDate=l/M/Y ==> "last_update_format": "Friday/Nov/2018"
    • /locations/7?fields=last_update&formatDate=l jS \of F Y h:i:s A ==> "last_update_format": "Friday 16th of November 2018 12:00:00 AM"

Optional fields

You can use all the fields from the AM_LOCATION table in the body of the HTTP request except those mentioned below.

  • label_color ; label_font ; label_size 
  • property_color ; property_font ; property_size 
  • date_format_id 
  • xpos ; ypos ; zpos 
  • lft ; rgt ; level
  • path_to_compute

HTTP status codes for the method


   A Timeout error code will be returned if the server does not respond to the REST Web service request within a given time (by default 60 seconds).

Code Error Description
200 OK (Successful) Request successfully processed.
401 Unauthorized Incorrect authentication process for accessing the resource: Incorrect login/password, invalid session, incorrect Service Manager account.


 "error": "Invalid Login / Password"
404 Not found Resource not found: Incorrect URI, missing resource, incorrect communication with the server, rfc_number not found.


 "error": "Resource not found"


Result with a status code 200 returned

   "HREF": "http://{your_server}/api/v1/{your_account}/locations/7",
   "CITY": "",
       "HREF": "http://{your_server}/api/v1/{your_account}/locations/7/"
   "COUNTRY_ID": "1",
   "E_CAPACITY": "",
   "E_WIFI_LOGIN": "",
   "END_DATE": "",
   "FAX": "",
   "G_MAP_LAT": "37.09024",
   "G_MAP_LNG": "-95.712891",
   "LAST_INTEGRATION": "2015-02-26",
   "LAST_UPDATE": "2017-03-21",
   "LEVEL": "3",
   "LOCATION_PATH": "North America/USA",
   "LOCATION_ID": "7",
   "LOCATION_L1": "",
   "LOCATION_L2": "",
   "LOCATION_L3": "",
   "LOCATION_L4": "",
   "LOCATION_L5": "",
   "LOCATION_L6": "",
   "MANAGER_ID": "",
   "PHONE": "",
   "REGION_ZONE_ID": "",
   "SLA_ID": "",
   "START_DATE": "",
   "STATE_ID": "",
   "STATUS_ID": "",
   "STREET_ADDRESS_1": "",
   "STREET_ADDRESS_2": "",
   "TIME_ZONE_ID": "14",
   "URL_MAP": "/public/MapLib/Countries/USA.jpg",
   "ZIP_CODE": ""

REST API Conventions

Convention Meaning
Orange Parameters used in an HTTP request string which do not correspond to Service Manager database fields.

example   Method View a list of assets

Black and Bold Parameters used in the URL of an HTTP request which correspond to Service Manager database fields.

example   Method View an asset

Green Parameters used in the body of an HTTP request which represent JSON object names corresponding to Service Manager database fields; they allow the value of a database field to be assigned or modified.

example   Method Close an incident/request

{  "closed": {  "end_date": "11/20/2016 12:12:12",  }  }
Parameters used in the body of an HTTP request which represent JSON object names not corresponding to Service Manager database fields.

example   Method Reopen an incident/request

{  "restarted": {  "comment": "string (required)"  }  }
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