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Integration Summary

Sharepoint is a series of software programs developed by Microsoft that enable organizations to create enterprise portals. The solution supports the following functions: content management, the use of search engines, electronic document management, the ability to create forms and decision-making statistics to organize, share and view information from any device with a web browser.

   Open url.png See  Products related to Sharepoint.

This easy-to-implement integration enables enables you to insert one or more widgets of a Product name - ev sas.png app in a Sharepoint site by simply calling the URL of the app to be displayed through an IFrame, retaining the native features of Product name - ev sas.png such as reporting an incident, requesting a service, ticket monitoring and the interconnection with Product name - ev itsm.png.

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Step-by-step Integration Process

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Sharepoint can be integrated with Product name - ev sas.png in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Create a Sharepoint site or edit an existing Sharepoint site

  • Log on to Sharepoint.

To create a site:
         Sharepoint - Top - Create site.png

  • Click Create site at the top of the Sharepoint home page.
  • Select the type of site you want to create.
             Sharepoint site - Creation 1.png
  • Name it and click [ END ].
             Sharepoint site - Creation 2.png

To create a page in an existing site:
         Sharepoint - Top - Existing site.png

  • Go to the site you want.
  • Click New > Page at the top of the Sharepoint home page.

To change a site or a page:

  • Go to the site or the page you want.
  • Click the [ CHANGE ] button.

Step 2: Authorize the ev Service AppsProduct name - ev sas.png site in Sharepoint

To call the URL of an Product name - ev sas.png app in an IFrame, you must authorize the Product name - ev sas.png site in Sharepoint:

  • Go to the Sharepoint site in which you want to include an Product name - ev sas.png app.
  • In the header, click Sharepoint_advanced.png then clickSite Parameters (Note: Sharepoint Administrator privileges are required).
  • In the Administration of site collection section, click HTML field security.
  • Add the URL of the site Product name - ev sas.png to the list of authorized IFrames.
        Open url.png see  Full detailed procedure (EN)

Step 3: Insert a page of an ev Service AppsProduct name - ev sas.png app in Sharepoint

  • Go to the Sharepoint site you want and switch to Edit mode.
  • Put an IFrame object at the location on the page where you want to call an Product name - ev sas.png app:
    • Click [ + ] and select Incorporation.
    • In the Edit menu on the right, insert the URL of the app, following the syntax below. The IFrame must contain at least the following 3 attributes in order to function. Other attributes can also be used.
      • src: URL of the app
      • width and height: the height and width of the IFrame
<iframe src="https://{yous-server};page=59f3396bc3b45"
       width="100%" height="100%">

Best Practice icon.png  When integrating a service catalog or any other element that can call a questionnaire, define an IFrame wide enough to enable the questionnaire to be displayed evenly.

  • Implement the required layout. You can integrate the app directly in full or break it down into several smaller modules to call them on different pages of your Sharepoint site or in different locations on the same page.

Example documentation icon FR.png  Integration of the complete "Digital Workplace" app implemented in Logo - EasyVista.png
Sharepoint example_corp.png

Example documentation icon FR.png  Integration of part of an app
Sharepoint example_with_module.png

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