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About This Integration


You can integrate third-party systems with Service Manager in many ways. The method you select will depend on business requirements, architectural and security constraints as well as the characteristics specific to each third-party application or service.

This document describes an integration process that has already been implemented in a customer context. 

To find out more about this integration (e.g. scripts to be used), please do not hesitate to contact your EasyVista contact, or your service provider and integrator.

Integration Summary

Asset Vision RegistryTM from Scalable is an automatic inventory solution that enables IT asset management (ITAM). This integration enables information collected by Asset Vision RegistryTM to be imported into Product name - ev itsm.png for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of employees on the Service Desk, IT departments and the company as a whole in 2 stages:

  • asset management thanks to an exhaustive inventory of software, equipment (e.g. Virtual machines and PCs), etc. via the Asset Management menu;
  • management of changes, availability, continuity and capacity thanks to the knowledge, proficiency and graphical visualization of relationships between configuration items (CIs), via the Extended CMDB menu.
Integration Data Feed (direction) Authentication Type Integration Connector Options

Product name - ev itsm - big.png

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Logo - Scalable.png


EV Integration connector icon - CSV file.png    Integration Templates (.csv)

Product name - ev itsm.png SaaS

Product name - ev itsm.png On-premise

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SaaS Version of Third-Party Product

On-premise Version of Third-Party Product

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Step-by-Step Integration Process

Scalable Asset Vision RegistryTM can be integrated with Product name - ev itsm.png in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Check the list of prerequisites

  • You should have an account giving you access to your Scalable Asset Vision platform and to the EasyVista template.
  • You should have an account giving you access to your Product name - ev itsm.png platform at a high enough level to access Administration and Integration menus.

Step 2: Export the Scalable Asset Vision Registry TM data (.csv files)

       Open url.png see  Scalable Online Help How to export data from a view  (EN)

The Scalable data you can import into Product name - ev itsm.png can be accessed from 9 different EasyVista menu views.
         Step 2-1.png


  • In order to correctly integrate the .csv files into Product name - ev itsm.png using the data templates provided at step 3, use the default export options below.
  • You may also include the hidden columns (check the Include hidden columns box).

       Step 2-2.png

Step 3: Import the integration templates intoProduct name - ev itsm.png (.exp file)

       Open url.png see  Integration Templates and Import/Export Templates

You may:

  • Best Practice icon.png either import Product name - ev itsm.pngIntegration Template object types supplied in the sample exp. file below into your platform (via the Administration > Import / Export > Import menu) ;
  • or create your own integration templates according to your needs.

The .exp file below contains 10 integration templates already configured with the appropriate connector, and with correct mapping between the fields of each .csv form to be used and the fields of the Product name - ev itsm.png table they will be integrated with. In this example, 2 .csv files with different data originating from the main view were exported from Scalable.

       Download icon.png  Sample .exp file

Step 4: Link each imported integration template with the corresponding .csv file

       Open url.png see  Integration Templates

Step 5: Plan automatic integration of data with the imported preset templates

       Open url.png see  Integration Templates

Match between integration models and .csv files

Sample .exp file Product name - ev itsm - big.png Logo - Scalable.png
Integration Template Connector used .csv file exported
1. Scalable - Equipment Inventory Equipment 1. EV - Equipment_values.csv
1a. Scalable - ESX Machines Equipment 1a. EV Equipment_values (ESX Machines).csv
2. Scalable - Installed Software Software 2. EV Software Summary_values.csv
3. Scalable - License Inventory Licenses 3. EV Software Licenses_values.csv
4. Scalable - CI Consumers CMDB – Configuration Item (CI) 4. EV Consumer Configuration Items_values.csv
5. Scalable - CI Services CMDB – Configuration Item (CI) 5. EV Service Configuration Items_values.csv
6. Scalable - Consumer to Hardware CMDB – Configuration Item (CI) 6. EV Consumer to Hardware_values.csv
7. Scalable - Service Consumer CMDB – Configuration Item (CI) 7. EV Service Consumers_values.csv
8. Scalable - Service to Hardware CMDB – Configuration Item (CI) 8. EV Service to Hardware_values.csv
9. Scalable - Virtual Host to Guest CMDB – Configuration Item (CI) 9. EV Virtual Dependencies_values.csv
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