Access to Service Manager Forms From a Power BI Report

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You can integrate third-party systems with Product name - ev itsm.png in many ways. The method you select will depend on business requirements, architectural and security constraints as well as the characteristics specific to each third-party application or service.

This document describes an integration process that has already been implemented in a customer context. 

To find out more about this integration (e.g. scripts to be used), please contact the Logo - EasyVista.png Consulting & Professional Services team, the Logo - EasyVista.png Support team, or your service provider and integrator.

Caution: Extracting and refreshing high volumes of Service Manager data when running Power BI reports can severely impact the performances of the Service Manager platform.
  • Consequently, you should schedule the execution of Power BI reports when users do not need to access Service Manager, i.e. at night or during weekends. Open url.png Should you need more information, see How to configure Power BI report scheduled refresh
  • If you work in an international organization with different service hours for each country, you should run Power BI reports on a dedicated Report server, rather than on the production environment. Should you need more details, please contact your EasyVista consultant.

Overview of the integration

This integration enables you to insert a contextual link to a Service Manager form in a Power BI report. 

You do this in two main steps:

  • Access Service Manager data from a Power BI report.
  • Create contextual links to Service Manager forms using an auto connection link.


Integration Data Feed (direction) Authentication Type Integration Connector Options

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  • Depending on the third-party service used (authentication managed by Microsoft Power BI)
  • Basic Authentication for the Service Manager REST API
Available versions
SaaS-based On-premises
Service Manager Check icon.png Check icon.png
Power BI Desktop Check icon.png N/A


Access Service Manager Incident forms from a Power BI report displaying the list of late incidents

Power BI report Open the form in Service Manager

Example Power BI Desktop - Late incidents with links.png

Example Service Manager - Incident detail.png

Step-by-Step Integration Process

      Open url.png See:


example  List of incidents

Click to see the auto connection link parameters.

  • Form name: DialogFO_Incidents
  • Search field: RFC_NUMBER (ticket number)
  • Search value: Enter the generic value, Incident_Number

Access Service Manager forms from a Power BI report

Step 1: Create contextual links to Service Manager.

1. Run Power BI Desktop on your workstation.

2. Open the Power BI report containing Service Manager data.

example  List of late incidents

Power BI report - View report.png

3. Click Data view icon.png in the left pane to display the Data view.

4. Add a new column to the report to store links.

         Power BI data - View data - Column added.png

5. Build the link in the formula bar.

  • Copy and paste the auto connection link.
  • Replace the value of the field6 variable (search value in Service Manager) with the reference of the column containing the values of Service Manager forms. You should first convert them to string (shown in yellow below).

example  URL using the auto connection link to Incident forms: contextual values are stored in the Incident Number column

URL = "HTTPS://{your_server}/autoconnect_mail.php?field1=...&field2=&field4=...&field5=ViewDialog&field6="&CONVERT([Incident Number],STRING)&"&field7=RFC_NUMBER"

  • Value of the Incident Number column = I200803_000008  ==> field6="I200803_000008"
  • Value of the Incident Number column = I200807_000001  ==> field6="I200807_000001"
  • Click Select ok icon.png to validate the formula.
    The link will be created in the new column. It will automatically be adjusted based on each contextual value.
             Power BI data - View data - URL added.png

Step 2: Insert links in the Power BI report.

1. Click Report view icon.png in the left pane to display the Report view.

2. Display the list of fields in the report. Click the list to make it active.

         Power BI report - List fields.png

3. Insert contextual links in the column containing the values of Service Manager forms.

  • To open the window for configuring links, display the contextual menu of the reference column and select Conditional Formatting > Web URL.
  • In Based on field, indicate that the link is found in the column you built in the Data view, i.e. the column specified in step 1.
  • Click OK.

example  Configuration of links in the Incident Number column that stores Service Manager references

Power BI report - Construction web url.png

A contextual link will automatically be inserted for each reference value.

example   A contextual link is added for each value of the key column, Incident Number

Power BI report - Mouse hover link.png

Step 3: Test the links pointing to Service Manager.

1. Click one of the links in the Power BI report.

2. Check that the correct Service Manager form opens for the value selected in the Power BI report.

example  Click the I200803_000008 link in the Power BI report ==> Display the Incident form, I200803_000008 in Service Manager

Open Incident detail via link.png

Step 4: Save the Power BI report.

1. Select File > Save to save the report.
The PBIX file containing the links will be updated.

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