Qlik Sense Integration

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About This Integration


You can integrate third-party systems with Service Apps in many ways. The method you select will depend on business requirements, architectural and security constraints as well as the characteristics specific to each third-party application or service. You can use the REST, CSV, Online CSV data sources and the HTML Script widget.

This document describes a standard integration process that has already been implemented in a customer context.

To find out more about this integration, please do not hesitate to contact your EasyVista contact, or your service provider and integrator.

Integration Summary

Qlik Sense is a data discovery and visualization tool that enables users to analyze data easily in order to facilitate decision-making. It exists in three versions: Qlik Sense Desktop (free Windows application), Qlik Sense Enterprise, and Qlik Sense Cloud.

    Open url.png  To find out more about Qlik Sense functionalities, watch the demo.

The integration is easy to perform and consists of inserting an iFrame tag containing a URL from the Qlik Sense App Integration API in a HTML Script widget.
This means that you will be able to view your Qlik Sense apps and data from any app created with Product name - ev sas.png, just like in your Qlik Sense environment.

Integration Data Feed (direction) Authentication Type Integration Connector Options

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HTML Script widget

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SaaS Version of Third-Party Product

On-premise Version of Third-Party Product

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Step-by-step Integration Process

    Open url.png  To find out more about the different ways of integrating Qlik Sense in Web apps, see Embedding Qlik Sense in web applications (EN).
   Open url.png  To find out more about integration with the Qlik Sense App Integration API, see App Integration API (EN) and Working with the App Integration API (EN).

Qlik Sense can be integrated with Product name - ev sas.png in two easy steps:

Step 1: Create and retrieve the URL for accessing a Web page integrating a Qlik Sense app.

1. Create the URL for accessing the Web page you want using the App Integration API.

  • The syntax of the base URL is as follows:
http[s]://<machinename | servername>/{virtual proxy}/sense/app/{appid}/sheet/{sheetid}/state/analysis/
  • If required, you can add other parameters.

2. Integrate the URL obtained in the iFrame tag.

<iframe src="http[s]://<machinename | servername>/{virtual proxy}/sense/app/{appid}/sheet/{sheetid}/state/analysis/”/>


Step 2: Integrate the Qlik Sense app in an Product name - ev sas.png app.

1. Go to Product name - ev sas.png and open the app you want.

2. Display the Qlik Sense app as described in step 1 using a HTML Script widget:

  • Click Apps - Add widget icon.png in the Objects pane. Open the Basic category and click and drag the HTML Script widget to the Design pane.
  • Rename the widget so you can easily identify it.
  • Paste the iFrame tag as described in step 1.2 in the HTML Code field.
  • If required, modify the display of the Qlik Sense app using the style attributes of the tag.

         Example documentation icon EN.png  To integrate the Customer360 demo app:

<iframe src="https://sense-demo.qlik.com/sense/app/7b7cbfa7-5861-4b67-b2a8-4df69b588e4e/sheet/dXPcQE/state/analysis" style="border: currentColor; border-image: none; width: 100%; height: 100%;"/>

         Example documentation icon EN.png  To integrate the Sales Analysis demo app:

<iframe src="https://sense-demo.qlik.com/sense/app/075506ed-73ee-4f1a-b9a0-1955df0bb3e0/sheet/FaQeFa/state/analysis" style="border: currentColor; border-image: none; width: 100%; height: 100%;"/>

3. Click EVApps - GUI - Execute icon.png to switch to preview mode and check the visual layout of the Qlik Sense app and that it is working correctly.

         Example documentation icon EN.png  The two Customer360 and Sales Analysis demo apps have been integrated using two HTML Script widgets placed side by side:

  • Check the visual layout of both apps.
             Example Qlik Sense - Widgets display.png
  • Like in your Qlik Sense environment, click Example Qlik Sense - Dashboard display icon.png in the Customer 360 app. You can then see the Swaption activity dashboard in the widget.
             Example Qlik Sense - Dashboard display.png
  • You can also use the options available in the Customer 360 app.
             Example Qlik Sense - Dashboard functionnalities.png
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