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About this integration


You can integrate third-party systems with Service Apps in many ways. The method you select will depend on business requirements, architectural and security constraints as well as the characteristics specific to each third-party application or service. You can use the REST, CSV, Online CSV data sources and the HTML Script widget.

This document describes a standard integration process that has already been implemented in a customer context.

To find out more about this integration, please do not hesitate to contact your EasyVista contact, or your service provider and integrator.

Integration Summary

Everbridge is an SaaS-based emergency notification service that facilitates the one-way communication of messages to one or more user groups in order to send alerts for current or impending emergencies.

This easy-to-implement integration enables Product name - ev itsm.png to send information by email to Everbridge for processing according to predefined processes and configurations.
The two possible integration methods are described in the step-by-step integration process.

Integration Data Feed (direction) Authentication Type Integration Connector Options

Product name - ev itsm - big.png

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Method 1:

Method 2:

  •    Logo - Zapier.png

Product name - ev itsm.png SaaS

Product name - ev itsm.png On-Premise

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SaaS Version of Third-Party Product

On-Premise Version of Third-Party Product

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Step-by-Step Integration Process

    Open url.png  See the Everbridge documentation.

Method 1: Via email and workflow/business rule

The process below is based on a concrete use case. The incident management workflow includes a step that checks the severity level entered by users in a questionnaire and a step that sends an email to the Everbridge platform using parameters defined via variables, based on the incident's severity level.

You can integrate Everbridge in Product name - ev itsm.png in three easy steps:

Step 1: Check the list of prerequisites.

  • You have a subscription with Everbridge.
  • You have Administrator access to your Everbridge platform.
  • You have an account for accessing your Product name - ev itsm.png platform with a profile and the relevant access rights to create and modify workflows.

Step 2: Create or modify a workflow in Product name - ev itsm.png.

Depending on your requirements, create a specific workflow or modify an existing one so that an email containing communication parameters for alerts and notifications can be sent to the Everbridge service using an automatic Send Email action and tags.

1. Add the required actions to your workflow. Open url.png See the description of action types.

  • (1)  Operation Processing action type (User Intervention): Steps for creating variables for sending emails to Everbridge
  • (2) and (3)  Automatic Send Email actions: Steps applicable if the severity level is 1 or 2 (service unavailability)

          Everbridge - Example Step 2 - New actions workflow.png

2. Define a customized role by selecting Administration > Parameters > Customized Roles in the menu.

          Everbridge - Example Step 2 - Role setting 1.png
         Everbridge - Example Step 2 - Role setting 2.png

3. Configure the Send Email actions:

  • (1) Step Name: If the severity level is 1.
  • (2) Click Roles-Tags window icon.png to select the customized role.
  • (3) Use tags and predefined variables to help you compose your message.

          Everbridge - Example Step 2 - Send email action.png

Step 3: Configure an integration with a third-party application in Everbridge

    Open url.png See Setting up an integration.
   Open url.png See Notifications.

1. Configure an integration for severity level 2.
         Everbridge - Example Step 3 - Configure integration.png

2. Manage messages in the Everbridge console.
         Everbridge - Example Step 3 - Everbridge console.png

3. Customized email or notification sent to a predefined user group.
         Everbridge - Example Step 3 - Notification.png

Method 2: Using Zapier

    Open url.png To find out more, see Zapier integration.

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