How to Automate Integration

Use the table below to choose the best tool for automating integration by answering the following two questions:

  • Do you want to run an integration model or a preimport processing?
  • Do you want to run your task immediately or do you want to schedule it?


  • You are using an SaaS version:
    • You cannot access the application server.
    • You cannot run the smoBackOfficeClient and smoIntegration tools. You cannot run batches to start these tools.
    • You can access the \preimport folder using ftps/ftp that enables you to store data files and access configuration files, SQL scripts, log files (\log subfolder) and temp files for data extraction (\temp subfolder).
    • You can create new subfolders in the \preimport folder based on your requirements.
  • You are using an On Premise version:
    • On the application server, you can use smoBackOfficeClient (located in <Easyvista>\tools\smoBackOffice) and smoIntegration (located in <Easyvista>\tools) (Note: <Easyvista> Identifies the EasyVista folder on your application server).
    • There is no access restriction to the \preimport folder that can be organized based on your requirements.
For... To run...
Integration Model Preimport

Immediate execution

Via the ITSM interface

Product name - ev itsm.png scheduler (scheduled tasks)





Scheduled execution

Via the ITSM interface

Product name - ev itsm.png scheduler (scheduled tasks) N/A

Using an external task scheduler

smoIntegration smoBackOfficeClient
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