Forward Schedule of Change


The Forward Schedule of Change displays all events related to configuration items (CI), i.e. change requests, projects, release projects and blackout periods.


This scheduling tool is used by the IT Department to define new events that can affect configuration items (CI).


  • The schedule is available in read-only mode. None of the events displayed can be modified.

Screen description

Forward schedule of change.png

Menu access: Transition > Collision Detection > Forward Schedule of Change

Each type of event is represented by a color code.

Color Type of event
Legend - Blue color.png Change requests
Legend - Black color.png Blackout periods
Legend - Purple color.png Release projects
Legend - Orange color.png Projects

Procedure: How to display and read the schedule

1. Select Transition > Collision Detection > Forward Schedule of Change in the menu.

2. Click Calendar icon.png to select the relevant analysis period. All events occurring or scheduled for this period will appear.

  • Click First icon.png Previous icon.png Next icon.png Last icon.png to see the previous or next periods quickly.
  • Click [ TODAY ] to return to the current month.

3. Move the cursor over any colored event bar to display details on the event.
         Forward schedule of change - Period hint.png

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