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Note: This is a version release document.
  • Some of the screenshots may show a slight difference compared to the release version as we constantly seek to improve design and usability until the date of release.
  • The pages on the wiki detailing these differences will be updated soon. For more up-to-date information, please check out: Open url.png Wiki News

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Email Attachments

When an email is sent from Product name - ev itsm.png, from the email menu or from a wizard, you can now systematically attach documents to the email sent. Previously only some of the email screens supported email attachment. 

When these emails are sent on an incident, a request or an action, the email attachments are also stored as documents on the Documents tab of the incident or request. 

Email Templates

Email templates support attachments. Documents manually added to an email are stored on the request. Documents attached to a template are sent with the email but are not stored against the ticket.  


The documents attached to emails and stored against an incident or a request are public.

CMDB Display Beta 2

The CMDB Graph has been totally rewritten. It is available in parallel with the standard release. This is the second release and it integrates some of the feedback provided by customers on the first beta. 

       New CMDB graph.png

  • To display graphs with this new release, add &cmdbjs=true to the URL.
  • A new feature authorizes the generation of a .PNG image based on the current display. This is another way to create a baseline of the CMDB.

Product name - ev itsm - big.pngev|Service Manager REST API

New Endpoints

New endpoints are available.

Asset (Equipment / License / Contract) Catalog

  • GET  /catalog-assets
    Returns asset catalog data.


  • GET  /manufacturer
    Returns manufacturer data.

Incident and Request Catalog

  • GET  /catalog-requests
    Returns incident and request catalog data.


  • GET  /slas
    Returns SLA data.

Problem and Known Error

  • GET  /known-problems
    Returns problem and known error data.
  • GET  /assets/{asset_id}/asset-links
    Returns the list of assets linked to an asset.
  • GET  /assets/{asset_id}/asset-links/{parent_asset_id}
    Returns the link between two assets.
  • PUT  /assets/{asset_id}/asset-links/{parent_asset_id}
    Updates the link between two assets.
    Note: Contract_row and Monthly_payment are the only fields that can be updated.
  • POST  /assets/{asset_id}/asset-links/{parent_asset_id}
    Creates a link between two assets.
    Note: You can also populate Contract_row et Monthly_payment while creating the link.
  • DELETE  /assets/{asset_id}/asset-links/{parent_asset_id}
    Deletes a link between two assets.
  • GET  /configuration-items/{parent_ci_id}/item-links/
    Returns all the links of a given CI.
    Note: max_depth limits the number of link level.
  • GET  /configuration-items/{parent_ci_id}/item-links/{child_ci_id}
    Returns a specific link between a CI and his parent.
  • GET  /configuration-items/{ci_id}/item-links/impacting
    Returns all the impacting CIs of a given CI.
  • GET  /configuration-items/{ci_id}/item-links/impacted
    Returns all the impacted CIs of a given CI.
  • PUT  /configuration-items/{parent_ci_id}/item-links/{child_ci_id}
    Updates the link between two CIs.
    Note: relation_type et blocking are the only fields that can be updated.
  • POST  /configuration-items/{parent_ci_id}/item-links/{child_ci_id}
    Creates a link between two CIs.
    Note: blocking is mandatory and has to be set either to True of False.
  • DELETE  /configuration-items/{parent_ci_id}/item-links/{child_ci_id}
    Deletes a link between two CIs.

New Fields

Certain resources are now returning more fields. Mostly key fields.

  • {your_server}: Server URL
             Example documentation icon EN.png  https://your_company.easyvista.com 
  • {your_account}: Product name - ev itsm.png account
             Example documentation icon EN.png  50004:  Production ; 50005: Sandbox

       New ID Information.png

Search Enhancements

Search now supports like parameter with multiple joker on all the API resources.

Example documentation icon EN.png  Search all the employees named Tanner with equipment containing *ON*  ==>  poseidon, Hyperion, ...

          /assets?search=employee.last_name~"Tanner, *",asset_tag~"*ON*"

Syntaxe (filter)

  • For a strict search, use the character : (colon).
  • For a like search, use the character  ~ (tilde) and * (star) as substitution character.
  • If you search on a field of the main resource it is not necessary to have a prefix.
            Example documentation icon EN.png  /assets?search=asset_tag~"*ON*"
  • If you search on a field that is not part of the main resource it is necessary to have a prefix.
            Example documentation icon EN.png  /assets?search=employee.last_name~"Tanner, *"


Document Deletion

Purge now deletes all the documents on the server to use less disk space.

Default Activation

The Next Calculation Date field is not mandatory anymore. You can create a purge and activate it later. 

Warning Message

Purge has a more detailed warning message with the volume of items purged it it was activated immediately.
         Purge Message.png

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